Juniper Mist Premium Analytics Overview

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The still image is broken into four different analytics reports to illustrate the types of reports generated by Mist Premium Analytics. The four reports are: “Devices by Manufacture,” “Map Average Time,” “Devices per Site per Day,” and “Dwell Time per Zone by Different Visitor Categories.” The words “Premium Analytics” are shown in transparent light gray on top.

The road to digital transformation doesn’t have to be rocky.

As your enterprise embraces digital transformation, does it seem like you’re on a non-stop treadmill, sorting through multiple monitoring systems to track the performance of networks, services, and applications? It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Juniper Mist™ Premium Analytics service offers enterprises end-to-end performance visibility and unique data-driven insights to accelerate the digital journey. Learn more about the features and benefits of Mist Premium Analytics in this short overview, and see how it can provide insights into your network and business operations while overcoming the complex challenges associated with the influx of data from a multitude of networks and clients. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper Mist Premium Analytics correlates and analyzes long-term networking and location data sets from Mist Cloud and from third-party networking solutions 

  • Examples of network IT use cases and various types of monitoring reports the system can generate 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:01 as Enterprise networking teams Embrace

0:04 digital transformation initiatives

0:06 they're on Non-Stop treadmill sorting

0:08 through multiple monitoring systems to

0:10 track performance of different networks

0:12 services and applications

0:15 the Juniper Miss premium analytics

0:17 service offers Enterprises end-to-end

0:20 performance visibility and unique

0:22 data-driven insights to accelerate the

0:24 digital Journey

0:26 the service includes a rich set of

0:28 customizable reports for networking as

0:31 well as line of business users

0:37 let's check out some of the reports for

0:39 Network it use cases

0:43 the wireless network insights report

0:45 captures the organizational wide

0:47 insights on Wi-Fi service level

0:49 expectations clients traffic and

0:52 applications

1:01 the wireless security report includes

1:03 insights on Rogues and other RF threats

1:13 with the wired Network reports

1:15 Enterprise can obtain performance and

1:17 traffic insights of individual ports

1:20 switches or the wired network from the

1:23 entire site or organization

1:33 the WAN report shows the application and

1:35 traffic insights of the WAN edges and

1:38 gateways

1:47 other reports include the inventory

1:49 report and audit log reports that can be

1:52 put into long-term storage

1:55 each of the reports can be downloaded as

1:57 PDF CSV and either scheduled or emailed

2:05 let's check out some reports about line

2:08 of business use cases

2:10 in the retail hospitality and Healthcare

2:13 verticals business insights about

2:15 customer employee engagements have

2:17 become the top priorities for digital

2:19 transformation initiatives

2:22 premium analytics combine location

2:25 services built into the Mist platform

2:27 and those available through technology

2:29 Partnerships to get fast access to

2:32 business insights on customers and guest

2:34 Behavior

2:36 with the engagement analytics reports

2:38 businesses can get insight on visitors

2:40 traffic patterns like visit counts dwell

2:44 time peak hours and Zone movements

2:53 lastly premium analytics includes the

2:56 proximity analytics report which can

2:58 help replay the location history of

3:01 guests employees or assets

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