IoT Network Planning Service

Slide shows three coworkers who are at work, leaning over a table and discussing what looks like plans or drawings in front of them on the table.

This is how to unlock the full potential of IoT 

How can you unlock a treasure trove of future possibilities for your business? This video shows you the way with Diehl Metering’s IoT Network Planning Service. 

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You’ll learn

  • How utilities, cities, and industrial companies can unlock their full potential with an IoT network

  • How to benefit from independent training, guidance, and technical support to create a personal roadmap for your IoT network 

  • How to plan a fully-compliant, future-proof network aligned with your individual wishes, needs, and expectations, both now and in the future 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 [Music]

0:02 the internet of things is transforming

0:04 businesses and cities everywhere

0:06 across all industries billions of

0:08 connected devices communicate with each

0:10 other delivering data-driven insights

0:12 that unlock a world of possibilities

0:15 utilities can drive

0:17 operational efficiency build more

0:18 sustainable networks and generate new

0:20 revenue streams

0:21 through value-added services cities can

0:24 boost citizens quality of life through

0:26 smart city applications and greater

0:28 sustainability

0:29 and industrial companies can optimize

0:31 their processes while reducing costs of

0:33 operations

0:34 and seizing a wealth of new business

0:36 opportunities

0:39 so how can you unlock this treasure

0:41 trove of future possibilities

0:43 by carefully constructing an iot network

0:45 that matches your specific strategy

0:48 and that requires a series of technical

0:50 choices

0:51 what technology will best deliver the

0:53 information you need as often as you

0:55 need it

0:55 how can you combine a high performance

0:57 infrastructure with seamless

0:59 connectivity and the right range

1:01 what regulatory requirements must you

1:03 respect and which protocols will ensure

1:05 your network performs long into the

1:07 future

1:10 at dealmetering we're here to help you

1:12 make those decisions

1:13 through our iot network planning service

1:16 we provide the training

1:18 technical guidance and expert advice you

1:20 need to unlock the full potential of iot

1:23 unlike most similar services we are

1:25 committed to being independent

1:26 and objective focusing on identifying

1:29 and planning the iot network that best

1:31 suits your specific needs and use cases

1:34 you'll learn the ins and outs of

1:35 standards like nbiot

1:37 zig fox lorawan and miati you'll get a

1:40 fuller understanding of new business

1:42 models and cost-effective budgeting

1:44 and you'll discover how to make

1:45 risk-free decisions about technology so

1:48 you can create a personal roadmap for

1:49 your iot network

1:52 guided by experts who have already

1:54 implemented hundreds of successful iot

1:56 projects

1:57 you'll be able to plan your own fully

1:59 compliant and future-proof iot network

2:01 to increase productivity reduce costs

2:04 and explore endless opportunities

2:08 and if you're looking for help to

2:10 successfully implement your network

2:11 dealmetrin would be honored to be your

2:13 partner

2:15 are you ready to harness the power of

2:17 [Music]

2:20 iot

2:24 you

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