Jason Gooding, Esports Coordinator, University of Michigan-Flint

Esports Engage Students at University of Michigan-Flint

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The image shows a room with students sitting at computer workstations. Most have headphones on. On the back wall you can see “M Flint ESPORTS.”

Juniper slashes ping times for UM-Flint’s varsity esports team.

The 40-member, varsity esports team at the University of Michigan’s Flint campus demands high performance and low latency to compete. As the team’s coordinator, Jason Gooding, explains, the university installed a Juniper switch to bypass the campus network and link directly to 10 gig fiber. Listen for the results — and the university’s plans for a full degree academic program in the Fall of 2023.

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You’ll learn

  • How the Juniper switch dropped ping times to single digits — giving the team a competitive edge

  • What academic credits are available now and in the future

  • The esports games the team completes in

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Jason Gooding Headshot
Jason Gooding
Esports Coordinator, University of Michigan-Flint


0:00 [Music]

0:05 the university of michigan-flint is

0:06 right downtown the city of flint

0:08 michigan

0:09 we are primarily a commuter campus we

0:11 have roughly 6 500 students we started

0:14 the esports program roughly as the

0:16 pandemic started we started out with 18

0:19 students from the get-go a year later in

0:22 our second year we had more than

0:24 increased by 110

0:25 we were roughly around 40 students and

0:27 we continued to grow

0:29 by definition we are flint's first and

0:31 only varsity athletics program for our

0:33 campus we brought juniper into the

0:35 esports environment primarily because

0:38 juniper is running our backbone of our

0:40 network campus-wide we've have installed

0:43 the juniper switch into our facility and

0:46 by doing this we've segregated it from

0:48 the entire network on campus and so

0:51 we're going right from our space

0:53 to a 10 gig

0:55 backbone directly to the internet the

0:57 juniper equipment connecting to the 10

0:59 gig fiber is a huge aspect for us when

1:02 esports every little bit of advantage

1:05 definitely helps and it's dropped rpm

1:07 times in most games

1:09 sometimes into single digits or into the

1:12 low teams when we compete we've decided

1:14 to go with the juniper appliance and

1:16 it's provided us with more than we could

1:18 hope for as far as performance currently

1:20 our esports team is comprised of rocket

1:23 league valorent

1:24 overwatch league of legends ts go super

1:28 smash brothers apex and the iracing

1:31 circuit

1:32 we have been able to transition into the

1:34 academic side as well so the fall of 22

1:37 will finally be able to offer a nine

1:39 credit certificate program with esports

1:41 management partnered with the school of

1:43 management on campus as well as a

1:45 communication department and with those

1:47 nine credits these students are actually

1:49 getting real world experience right now

1:51 our target goal for fall of 2023 is to

1:54 fully launch our four-year esports

1:56 degree program i'm seeing u of m flint's

1:58 esports program being very competitive

2:00 and finally being able to make a mark of

2:02 its own

2:03 amongst this environment and competition

2:05 [Music]

2:10 you

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