Tina O’Dell, Director of Global Channel Marketing, Juniper Networks

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Sep 21, 2022

Introducing Channel Chats host: Tina O’Dell

This is the first episode of the Channel Chats podcast, where we will discuss the latest ideas in channel marketing. Here, Harry Radcliffe introduces you to our host, Juniper’s Tina O’Dell. Learn why Tina chose channel marketing, what channel marketing is exactly, and why this work is so incredibly important. 

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You’ll learn

  • Why channel marketing is sometimes the least resourced and most important positions in a company 

  • How Tina got her start in marketing and what drew her to the field 

  • How Tina ended up at Juniper, how she spends her days as Director of Global Channel 

  • Marketing, and what she hopes to share in future episodes of the Channel Chats podcast 

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Tina O’Dell Headshot
Tina O’Dell
Director of Global Channel Marketing, Juniper Networks

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Harry Radcliffe
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