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The still image shown is a computer-generated illustration of a woman (June) who is the host of the presentation. The title of the slide reads “AI-Driven Enterprise.” There is a box next to the woman that says “A Leader” and has a computer illustration under it. It says “Enterprise Wire and Wireless LAN Infrastructure Gartner.” A second box says “A Leader” and underneath it reads, “Indoor Location Services, Global, Gartner.”

Turn every customer pitch into a winning one. Here’s how.

Generate a winning proof of concept and close important deals with help from the new Winning Conversations program from Juniper. The program is designed to help you clearly position the Juniper AI-Driven Enterprise Solution as the best way to solve your customers’ biggest problems and deliver the most transformative business outcomes. Learn more now, and let’s go win

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You’ll learn

  • How you can ensure you have the right information at the right time to have a winning conversation every time

  • How you can use the portfolio-specific engagement advisor before each meeting to help you build trust and deliver excellence 

  • How supporting you and helping enable your success is inherently the Juniper way 

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals




0:00 [Music]

0:03 hi it's june i'm proud to announce the

0:05 latest installment of juniper's winning

0:07 conversations

0:09 welcome to the ai driven enterprise our

0:11 fastest growing segment and most

0:13 critically acclaimed solution portfolio

0:15 let's take a closer look at why juniper

0:17 and how we are different

0:19 your customers need to deliver a

0:20 world-class experience to their users

0:23 with marvis your customers can reduce

0:24 support tickets by 90 by solving issues

0:27 affecting end users before they ever

0:29 become end user problems

0:31 our ai is simply that powerful

0:34 juniper's ai driven enterprise drives

0:36 exceptional experiences across the

0:38 campus branch and now the wide area

0:40 network for it operators and all end

0:42 users in any location and on any device

0:45 that's why leading with juniper's ai

0:47 driven enterprise solutions is the

0:49 single best way to get your foot in the

0:50 door to solve your customers biggest

0:52 problems and deliver their most

0:53 transformative business outcomes

0:56 juniper has created the winning

0:58 conversation series specifically to

1:00 fulfill our commitment to you our

1:01 partner

1:03 watch the videos and use the

1:04 portfolio-specific engagement advisor

1:06 before each meeting

1:08 this will ensure that you have the right

1:10 information at the right time to have a

1:11 winning conversation every time

1:15 be bold build trust deliver excellence

1:18 win

1:19 it's the juniper way

1:29 you

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