Top 5 Features of Juniper Cloud Workload Protection

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We’ve got security features you have to see to believe.

What are the top 5 features of Juniper Cloud Workload Protection? Watch this short video to find out and learn how Juniper Cloud Workload Protection can keep your business-critical services connected and resilient. 

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You’ll learn

  • How the Run-time Application Protection catches sophisticated attacks

  • How vulnerabilities are detected in a short period of time 

  • Where Juniper Cloud Workload Protection can be deployed 

Who is this for?

Security Professionals Network Professionals


0:00 [Music]

0:07 what are the top five features of

0:09 juniper cloud workload protection

0:13 signature lists and serverless runtime

0:16 application protection juniper cloud

0:18 workload protection provides real-time

0:20 protection against attacks it protects

0:22 the application from malicious actions

0:24 such as exploitation and data theft

0:27 without manual intervention catching

0:29 sophisticated attacks that endpoint

0:31 detection and web application firewall

0:33 solutions cannot it provides real-time

0:36 protection against critical security

0:38 risks such as owasp top 10 and memory

0:41 based attacks including file lists

0:43 return oriented programming and buffer

0:46 overflow attacks

0:49 vulnerability detection juniper cloud

0:52 workload protection provides a unified

0:54 solution for vulnerability detection

0:56 security teams have a narrow time frame

0:58 to find vulnerabilities in applications

1:01 containers and custom code the

1:03 continuous deployment model shortens the

1:05 testing window and too often vulnerable

1:08 components make it to production juniper

1:11 cloud workload protection is deployed

1:12 alongside penetration testing and

1:14 scanning tools or in the qa environment

1:17 and provides a unified solution for

1:19 vulnerability detection

1:21 [Music]

1:23 xero trust micro segmentation juniper

1:25 cloud workload protection shields

1:27 application resources from lateral

1:29 threat propagation through

1:31 microsegmentation and integration with

1:33 juniper's vsrx virtualized firewall to

1:36 restrict access based on risk even as

1:39 workloads and virtual environments

1:40 change

1:41 automated threat response with built-in

1:43 real-time telemetry helps security teams

1:46 detect once and black across the network

1:51 container and workload security across

1:53 on-prem public and private clouds

1:55 juniper cloud workload protection can be

1:57 deployed in public clouds on-premises or

2:00 in hybrid environments and it protects

2:02 web applications container workloads and

2:05 kubernetes whether applications are in

2:07 production or pre-production

2:09 [Music]

2:11 comprehensive telemetry

2:13 devsecops teams gain insight to threat

2:15 activity from rich application level

2:17 security event generation and reporting

2:20 including application connectivity

2:22 topology and detailed information about

2:25 the attempted attack

2:28 [Music]

2:35 for more information follow the links

2:37 provided below

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