Juniper Security Director Cloud Demo

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This video provides a quick demo of Juniper Security Director Cloud. See how Security Director Cloud makes deploying and managing Juniper SRX firewalls easy and helps operationalize security across your hybrid network.

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You’ll learn

  • What is Security Director Cloud

  • What the Security Director Cloud dashboard looks like

  • How to deploy and configure any Juniper SRX firewall in any environment in a minute

Who is this for?

Security Professionals Business Leaders


0:02 security director cloud is the central

0:04 control point that operationalizes

0:06 security across the entire network from

0:09 a single UI providing unbroken

0:11 visibility from client to workload

0:13 administrators can see everything they

0:15 need to know about users devices

0:17 applications and threats network-wide

0:19 both on-prem and in the cloud from the

0:22 security director Cloud dashboard

0:24 as our customer Edge moves quickly to

0:26 distributed environments and our centers

0:28 of data move to multiple Cloud

0:30 environments deploying and configuring

0:32 firewalls can be very time consuming

0:34 with security director Cloud our

0:36 customers can deploy and configure any

0:37 SRX in any of these environments in less

0:40 than a minute

0:41 because security director Cloud uses a

0:44 single policy framework across physical

0:46 virtual containerized and cloud-based as

0:49 a service firewalls a customer can

0:51 easily apply existing security policies

0:53 with just three clicks how is this game

0:56 changing for our customers Juniper

0:58 security remains consistent across any

1:00 deployment type any Cloud every user and

1:03 every application even as the user moves

1:06 locations a single effective security

1:08 policy follows them wherever they go

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