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Is It Possible to Have One Policy to Rule Both On-Prem and Cloud Environments?

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The still image from the video is Rene Chavez as she speaks about Juniper’s new announcement regarding one-policy experience.

Introducing the one-policy experience you’ve been waiting for.

Yes, it is possible to have one policy to rule both on-prem and cloud environments. Historically, the two architectures lived in silos and creating a consistent policy across both has been difficult. But that’s all changed. You can now easily extend Zero Trust across your on-prem and cloud-based architectures with hybrid mesh security, and you can use a unified management platform and policy framework to deploy, configure, and maintain security policies across the entire network. Watch this short video with Juniper’s Madhura Kumar and Rene Chavez to hear how it all works. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper Security Director Cloud enables you to manage security anywhere and everywhere 

  • How data centers and enterprises are the biggest beneficiaries of this new platform

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David Spark
Producer, Managing Editor, Co-Host, CISO Series

Guest speakers

Madhura Kumar
Director, Product Management, Juniper Networks
Rene Chavez
Sr. Director, Product Management, Juniper Networks


0:00 (upbeat cheerful music)

0:09 - The conversation about cloud and on-prem

0:12 and operating in both,

0:13 why has there been a struggle

0:16 to create a consistent security policy across both domains?

0:22 - Cloud-first should mean cloud-first,

0:25 but for a lot of them,

0:26 the view has been very siloed and focusing cloud-only.

0:30 Unless you lead with management

0:33 as your approach for unification

0:36 and bringing things together,

0:37 you are actually putting together disparate components,

0:41 and those things just don't come together

0:43 in a cohesive fashion.

0:44 - It becomes very difficult,

0:45 to come out with some uniformity or consistency,

0:50 and I think that's one of Juniper's strengths.

0:52 - You guys have been around for a long time,

0:54 people know who you are.

0:56 - Yeah, and it's actually part of our DNA.

0:58 We are actually the only one

0:59 that has a common operating system through our ecosystem.

1:03 Really, in today's environment,

1:04 it's proven to be a huge, huge strength.

1:06 - Let me ask you,

1:07 what difficulties you had to deploy it yourself.

1:10 - This was one of the most seamless deployments.

1:12 - And it's because of what Renee just said,

1:14 it's like, well, it's in our architecture already.

1:16 - We wanted it to be seamless for the customers,

1:19 so that it's almost like a single switch, right?

1:21 You go from what you have,

1:23 extend to the cloud-led management platform,

1:27 but in a very seamless way.

1:28 - Honestly, tell me when you've had some, I'm assuming,

1:31 beta customers test this out and try it out,

1:33 what were the hiccups they had

1:35 and how did they manage that?

1:37 - Customers are not gonna flip a switch overnight

1:39 and automatically everything's gonna be cloud delivered.

1:41 They're gonna have to move

1:42 and they're gonna be very methodical.

1:43 I mean, that's a security way, and rightfully so.

1:46 And so, now, you're hearing the term,

1:48 by some of the analysts, hybrid mesh security.

1:50 Again, that's what defining,

1:52 is that, "Hey I'm gonna have still some data center,

1:55 "what I call data center-centric deployments.

1:58 "And I wanna transition some of those to the cloud,

2:00 "but again, I'm taking a very conservative

2:01 "and stepped phase and manner."

2:03 And so how can we help to make it more easy?

2:06 - Who's a prime candidate for you?

2:08 - Our core philosophy is meeting the customer where they are

2:12 and taking them where they wanna go.

2:14 It's the same platform that serves you on-prem

2:17 all the way to the cloud.

2:18 So I would say we are well set up

2:21 to cover a wide range of customers,

2:24 no matter where they are.

2:25 - Oh my God, you're the perfect customer for us,

2:27 come right now,

2:28 because we can seriously, seriously help you,

2:31 who is that person?

2:32 - I would say, definitely data centers, right?

2:34 And enterprise customers, for sure.

2:37 And to be honest,

2:38 I normally try to do at least an annual survey

2:41 and yeah, I could have showed you very easily

2:44 a 40-60 split a year ago, two years ago of,

2:47 "We don't think we're gonna go to cloud

2:48 "in the next five years."

2:50 But now, today, when I ask those questions,

2:52 I mean, it's like a 70-30, 80-20 split.

2:54 It's never gonna be 100%.

2:55 Hybrid security, even becomes more emphasis on it.

2:58 It'll become the norm.

2:59 - What are the elements you're offering in this solution

3:03 that enable an organization to move

3:06 towards a zero trust architecture?

3:09 - I think you called out the key phrase,

3:10 it's an architecture.

3:11 It's not just a product.

3:12 - So you've got different defense in depth level items

3:16 within this solution, right?

3:18 - Exactly, it is going through those different gates

3:21 for the different applications for the user,

3:24 based on what context they're coming from.

3:26 And all of this is, again,

3:28 unified deeply integrated with the zero trust offering.

3:32 - I'm impressed that you're offering up this solution.

3:34 So would love to check back with you guys

3:36 to see how this works out in terms of,

3:39 as it's rolling out to more and more customers

3:41 and potentially new customers for you as well.

3:43 Thank you so much for your time Renee and Madhura.

3:46 (upbeat cheerful music)

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