Mike Spanbauer, Security Evangelist, Juniper Networks

Aggah Using ZenDesk, Confluence, and ManageEngine Vulnerabilities

Juniper Threat Labs Security
Mike Spanbauer
Sep 14, 2021 Podcast

Network security never rests.

Security is a race with no finish line. To keep our networks safe, we must stay diligent and aware. In this episode of the Juniper Threat Labs podcast, listen as Mike and Mounir discuss the latest in the Aggah using ZenDesk, Confluence, and ManageEngine vulnerabilities.

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You’ll learn

  • Why holidays are an especially popular time for attacks 

  • How home networks have become a bigger target during the pandemic

  • How to help your remote workers protect their home networks  

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Mike Spanbauer
Mike Spanbauer
Security Evangelist, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Mounir Hahad
Mounir Hahad
Head of Juniper Threat Labs, Juniper Networks