Running a Third-Party Application on Junos Evolved — Example Using OpenR

Demo Drop
A side entitled “Topology — Open R.” The graphic has two vertical rectangles connected by a horizontal line. The left rectangle is labeled “openr-node1” and has the text “et-1/0/0:1.02001:15.1.1::2” and “et-1/0/0:0:0fe80::ee04:b6ff:fe26:1ff/64.” The rectangle on the right is labeled “openr-node2” and has the text “et-1/0/0:0.0fe80::d6b8:8aff:fe49:1/f/64.”

Let’s get technical: How to run a third-party app on Junos Evolved.

In this demo, we take a look at how to run the third-party app OpenR inside a container on a Junos Evolved system. Watch to discover how easy it is to run third-party apps on Junos Evolved from inside a container or natively. 

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You’ll learn

  • OpenR is a complex routing protocol developed by Facebook to be used in high-speed wireless networks

  • How OpenR jet APIs learn interfaces and add routes to a device 

  • How OpenR establishes a peering session by exchanging udp v6 packets over data ports

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