Juniper Solutions for Media and Entertainment

Network Automation
The slide is of a mock Pac-Man game on a green background. There is a little bot with eyes instead of a Pac-Man, and it’s going to try to eat a computer, a director’s sign, and a music note, and he has a game controller already halfway in his mouth.

Watch and learn: Juniper solutions for media and entertainment companies 

Content providers, take note: Juniper helps media organizations achieve their content creation delivery goals by providing high-performance, automated network solutions. This short video shows you how. 

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You’ll learn

  • Why Juniper products used in media environments are designed to meet stringent broadcast and studio requirements 

  • How Juniper’s switches and routers help maximize the user experience 

  • How Juniper is helping providers of online entertainment build innovative networking and security solutions 

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals


0:01 when it comes to broadcast and media

0:03 content truly is king

0:05 game time go time anytime the standard

0:08 is always on time

0:10 at juniper networks we know that

0:11 experience is everything when it comes

0:13 to networking in the cloud era that is

0:16 why juniper routing switching and

0:18 security products used in media

0:20 environments are designed to meet

0:22 stringent broadcast and studio

0:24 requirements

0:25 juniper switching products combined with

0:27 juniper mist ai use insights and

0:29 automation to maximize the user

0:31 experience and are fully qualified with

0:33 an increasing number of commonly used

0:35 studio applications

0:37 juniper routing products like mx series

0:40 routers today power some of the largest

0:42 broadcaster-wide area networks in the

0:44 world today juniper is helping some of

0:46 the largest providers of online

0:48 entertainment to build innovative

0:50 networking and security solutions

0:52 whether you are distributing content to

0:54 millions of customers or securing your

0:56 projects and studio environments juniper

0:58 makes experience the top priority for

1:01 those running the networks and for those

1:02 who use them whatever media experience

1:05 you're providing from wherever you are

1:07 in the world juniper enables you to

1:09 build agile networks with the right

1:10 architecture automation and assurance

1:13 for client-to-cloud experiences

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