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Bob Friday and Sampak Garg, Juniper Networks | ITModTalks 2022

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The still from the video features live images of Sampak Garg, Associate General Counsel, Senior Director, Juniper Networks, Bob Friday, Chief AI Officer, Juniper Networks, and host Wyatt Kash, Senior Vice President, Content Strategy, Scoop News Group, as they discuss IT modernization and the U.S. federal government over video conference.

The experts speak: Advances in IT and AI are modernizing government agencies.

In this interview, filmed in conjunction with the virtual ITModTalks summit in 2022, Juniper’s Bob Friday and Sampak Garg assess the ongoing efforts being made toward U.S. federal IT modernization, the continued move to modern, cloud-based systems, and what’s in store for cutting-edge technologies like AI. You’ll learn what stands out across the federal IT landscape as having the biggest potential for modernization in coming years, and how emerging IT technologies will put the nation in a better position to protect against evolving cyberthreats. 

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You’ll learn

  • Sampak’s perspective on the most exciting IT advances happening today 

  • How IT modernization has helped federal agencies get a handle on securing valuable assets and systems 

  • How AI can help with the security aspects of network modernization 

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Wyatt Kash Headshot
Wyatt Kash
Senior Vice President, Content Strategy, Scoop News Group

Guest speakers

Bob Friday Headshot
Bob Friday
Chief AI Officer, Juniper Networks, and Mist Systems Co-Founder
Sampak Garg Headshot
Sampak Garg
Associate General Counsel, Senior Director, Juniper Networks


0:07 i'm y cash with scoop news group and

0:09 we're here at fed scoops itmod talks

0:12 with bob friday cto and co-founder of

0:15 miss systems a juniper company now and

0:18 some packgarg associate general counsel

0:20 and senior director at juniper networks

0:23 bob and sam pack thank you so much for

0:25 joining us

0:26 thank you for having us thank you it's

0:28 pleasure to be here so soundpack let me

0:29 start with you you know we're a little

0:31 more than a year now into the biden

0:33 administration and in that time i'd be

0:35 interested to get your perspective on

0:37 where you've seen some of the greatest

0:39 progress in i.t modernization

0:42 well thank you for the question why i

0:44 think from my perspective at the policy

0:45 level we've seen a great deal of

0:47 interest in administration and

0:49 and moving ahead on modernization in

0:51 terms of the cyber security executive

0:53 order from a year ago

0:54 that really pushed for more ai-based

0:56 tools for zero trust architecture

0:58 deployments

1:00 we saw a measured approach from the

1:02 white house in the last month or so on a

1:04 zero trust strategy for example

1:07 a lot of input was taken from industry

1:08 and other stakeholders so we think

1:10 they're really

1:11 a politicized at least really

1:13 trying to move the ball forward in that

1:14 regard

1:16 and then maybe just to follow up on that

1:18 how has it modernization also helped

1:20 federal agencies

1:22 get a better handle on securing their

1:24 most valuable systems and assets

1:28 well bob can certainly talk more about

1:29 the real

1:31 the details of that but from what i've

1:32 seen

1:33 they really are getting a sense that ai

1:35 can help and modernization ai can help

1:38 with

1:39 security the security aspects of network

1:41 modernization

1:43 one example we've had with one

1:44 particular agency where they we realized

1:46 that the security instructions that

1:49 pnc had for its network operators were

1:52 really behind the times didn't take into

1:54 account

1:55 the new ai based tools that are coming

1:57 out

1:58 we've been in talks with an agency about

2:00 modernizing that guidance so that

2:02 vendors like juniper and others can

2:04 provide

2:05 more modernized innovative technologies

2:07 to the agencies while keeping the

2:10 security interests in mind

2:12 well bob let me bring you in here

2:15 you know the white house issued both a

2:17 cyber security executive order but also

2:19 more recently an executive order on

2:21 customer experience so i'd be interested

2:23 in getting your take on how federal

2:25 agencies are you know delivering steps

2:27 um to give better digital services more

2:30 securely to the american public

2:33 yeah you know if you look at

2:35 the white house has basically asked what

2:36 35 critical federal services to kind of

2:39 like improve their customer experience

2:40 and i think from our own personal

2:42 experience you know whether it's with

2:43 your amazon bank or your grocery store

2:46 you know we all see how technology is

2:49 advancing in the service community you

2:50 know even personally for myself right

2:52 when it comes to e-commerce and payments

2:55 you know i'm now able to what pay my dmv

2:57 bill my property tax even my bridge

3:00 tolls all that can be done in 10 minutes

3:03 and so i think you know when you look at

3:04 the focus on customer experience it's

3:06 really about you know the federal

3:07 government starting to adopt these

3:08 technologies we see in the commercial

3:10 space you know and it ranges to

3:11 collaboration and zoom you know

3:13 especially in this post-covert era where

3:15 we're starting to see the government

3:16 make it easier for our veterans to

3:18 interact with their doctors with zoom

3:20 technology so i think you know when you

3:22 look at the federal government services

3:24 uh i think that executive order they're

3:26 going to basically be adopting the same

3:28 technologies we're seeing in our

3:29 commercial personal space already even

3:31 faster now

3:33 and then lastly

3:34 what across the federal i.t landscape

3:36 stands out to you most as having the

3:39 biggest potential or need for

3:41 modernization in the coming year or two

3:44 yeah you know i think you know working

3:45 with the federal government it's always

3:47 you know they always have a they want to

3:48 adopt what's going on in the commercial

3:50 space but they only have to always have

3:52 to balance national security with the

3:55 adoption of these commercial

3:56 technologies and probably the latest two

3:59 that are really going to have the most

4:00 potential on affecting uh cut government

4:03 i t is going to be around cloud

4:05 technologies and ai

4:07 you know and the cloud technologies are

4:09 basically just a better way of

4:11 maintaining developing operating

4:12 software and it's really going to be a

4:14 key to security because ultimately when

4:17 you adopt these cloud technologies you

4:19 can respond to security threats on the

4:21 order of hours and days as opposed to

4:23 weeks and months right and so i think

4:25 that's one of the biggest potentials

4:27 we're going to see the government you

4:28 know i think historically

4:30 you know fips has always been that

4:31 security hurdle to adopting commercial

4:33 technology in the federal space uh we're

4:36 starting to see the federal government

4:37 start to adopt fedramp right you know

4:40 how are they going to base securely

4:41 start to embrace these cloud

4:42 technologies and get the benefit of it

4:44 and then on top of that is ai you know

4:47 because ai is what's really going to

4:48 allow the government to really start to

4:50 bridge across these different data silos

4:53 and really start to help our you know

4:54 help the citizens get access to

4:56 different across different sales so i

4:58 think cloud and are going to be the two

4:59 technologies we're going to see have the

5:01 most potential inside the federal

5:02 government space right now to really

5:04 change the customer experience and tie

5:06 back into that executive order right

5:09 absolutely well uh bob friday and sam

5:12 pacquiao thank you so much for taking a

5:14 few minutes to join us here and sharing

5:16 some of your insights on i.t

5:17 modernization in the federal government

5:21 thank you it was a pleasure to be here

5:22 yep thank you for having us

5:24 and look for more of our coverage on it

5:26 modernization on fedscoop.com thanks for

5:29 tuning in

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