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Juniper Networks AI-Driven Enterprise: Momentum and New Developments

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Juniper Networks AI-Driven Enterprise: Momentum and New Developments

What’s new with Juniper Networks? A lot has been going on since the last Mobility Field Day in 2023. Join Jeff Aaron, VP of Enterprise Marketing at Juniper, to learn about our experience-first networking, AI-Native enterprise, and new ways your business can get ahead with Juniper.

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You’ll learn

  • The Juniper vision and strategy

  • Our advancements over the past year

  • About brand new Juniper products

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Jeff Aaron, VP of Product Marketing
VP of Product Marketing



0:09 thank you guys for for letting us kick

0:11 off Mobility field day you know as you

0:13 guys know we keep our powder dry for

0:15 this one you know this is definitely one

0:17 where we bring out our Heavy Hitters in

0:19 terms of product to really go through

0:20 some of the the best and the brightest

0:23 um product enhancements um so I'm gonna

0:25 stay on here for a very short time I

0:28 only have about five minutes and I'll

0:29 let you get to these guys but I did want

0:30 to quickly level set on you know what is

0:33 the Juniper vision and strategy you know

0:35 we always like to start with that what

0:36 we've done since the last time we saw

0:38 you guys at mfd7 and then talk about

0:40 some of the announcements that literally

0:41 hit the wire about 10 minutes ago and

0:43 we'll go through that and those will be

0:44 part of the presentations so for

Mobility Field Day

0:46 starters you've probably seen the slide

0:48 again this is our eighth Mobility field

0:50 day we keep showing the slide it's not

0:52 because we don't have imagination it's

0:54 not because we're boring is because we

0:56 continue to re-emphasize that this is

0:58 our differentiation right Juniper is all

1:01 about delivering end to end assured

1:03 experiences right focusing on the user

1:06 and the operator experiences and the way

1:08 we do that is all about leveraging a

1:10 modern microservices cloud and ai ai ai

1:14 we were the first to come out with AI

1:16 Ops we're the first to come out with

1:18 Marvis a virtual Network assistant and

1:19 we continue to lead on that front and

1:21 you may ask does being first matter the

1:23 answer is yes it does especially when it

1:24 comes to Ai and learning and continual

1:26 learning and we'll show you some of the

1:27 benefits of that

1:29 this slide was first presented at

1:31 Mobility fuel day I think it was one or

1:33 two right when it was just missed

1:35 Wireless connecting to the Miss Cloud

1:37 right and then after the Juniper

1:39 acquisition we added wired wired access

1:41 to the domain we acquired a company

1:43 called 128t where we added sd-wan to

1:45 this Vision we've integrated some of our

1:47 security aspects and today we're

1:48 announcing some even New Technology

1:50 Solutions around that which we're going

1:52 to talk about in a second uh primarily

1:53 around access assurance and enact so

1:55 very excited this is the vision this is

1:58 a strategy and it's working

State of the Union

2:00 I don't know how many of you guys follow

2:02 the Juniper in terms of some of our our

2:03 Revenue numbers or some of our financial

2:06 earnings but

2:07 the state of the union is strong right

2:09 Juniper has traditionally been a super

2:11 spider and Cloud company that is very

2:13 strong but Enterprise is now taking over

2:15 as a top segment Juniper is now an

2:17 Enterprise company it is the top segment

2:20 that we're selling AI driven Enterprise

2:22 is the Cornerstone of Enterprise

2:23 business it is it did over one billion

2:26 dollars last quarter this last quarter

2:28 so it is hot it is growing we are

2:30 outpacing the market

2:31 the crown jewel of age of Enterprise is

2:34 Wireless that's how we came to be that's

2:36 that's really why you know you guys are

2:38 going to talk to these guys if you look

2:40 at some of the numbers from last year um

2:41 this was I think 650 group we are the

2:43 fastest growing Wireless Vendor by a lot

2:45 in terms of percentages and we took over

2:48 the number three spot in North America

2:49 so things are going they're going well

2:52 and also what we're excited about is

2:54 we're starting to see more full stack

2:55 wins wired and wireless and sd-wan and

2:59 security all coming together you know to

3:01 really take advantage of that full stack

3:02 vision

Last MFD

3:04 last MFD we did some exciting stuff yes

3:06 we did the Lego I think some of you said

3:08 you you didn't get a chance to get that

3:11 um but that was an awesome giveaway this

3:13 this time we had some other cool

3:14 giveaways that are here but more

3:15 importantly it's about the products

3:16 right last time we announced things like

3:18 AI Ops for location which we're going to

3:20 double click on on this time we

3:22 announced things like new Marvis being

3:25 able to pull in new data points you know

3:26 we had some windows clients we had an

3:27 Android client we're going to talk about

3:29 how we're enhancing that even more with

3:31 some new data sets as well we talked

3:33 about things like um or since since mft

3:35 we announced our Nas service offering we

3:38 announced things like campus fabric

3:39 management some new ex switches so a lot

3:41 has happened last year to continue to

3:43 get things going

New Announcements

3:45 what's happening today these are some

3:46 pretty cool announcements and I'm

3:48 excited about this

3:49 um if you guys go to

3:50 these literally

3:51 just hit the wire so the first thing

3:53 that we're going to show you guys is our

3:55 new access Assurance service Knack is

3:58 back

3:59 um and is it better than ever it's

4:01 exciting right you know for the first

4:03 time this is a true Cloud native AI

4:05 driven NAC solution eliminating all the

4:08 headaches associated with on-prem

4:09 Hardware all the different devices you

4:11 have to manage we brought it into it's

4:13 integrated with the network it's

4:14 integrated with our wired Wireless it's

4:16 part of the Miss Cloud part of Mr Ai and

4:18 we're going to show you guys that here

4:19 today right also in terms of Marvis

4:21 continue to learn there's actually two

4:23 primary features that I'm really excited

4:24 about llm I'm sure you guys have all

4:26 heard about it chat gbt we've integrated

4:29 with Marvis Marvis has always had a

4:31 conversational interface we've now added

4:33 llm to be able to extend that especially

4:36 around things like knowledge base and

4:37 documentation which I know Peter is near

4:39 and dear to your heart uh We've also

4:41 added Zoom integration we've always

4:42 talked about I think for five years

4:43 we've said troubleshoot my zoom call

4:45 right and we did a fantastic job pulling

4:47 in your wireless data your wire data

4:49 your land data to help troubleshoot now

4:51 we're actually literally partnering with

4:53 zoom and pulling in the zoom data into

4:54 the miscloud as well so you really have

4:56 that client to Cloud Vision as to what's

4:58 happening end to end for your video

5:00 stream and we're going to start doing

5:02 that with other applications as well and

5:04 then the last thing that we're going to

5:05 talk about is Wi-Fi 60. we did expand

5:07 our portfolio with a new ap24 and so uh

5:10 Wes is part of his section we'll talk

5:11 about that so a lot to come here

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