Jeff Aaron, GVP Product Marketing, Juniper

Juniper AI-Native Network Platform - Momentum and New Developments

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Juniper AI-Native Network Platform - Momentum and New Developments

In this presentation at Mobility Field Day 11, Jeff Aaron, Juniper’s GVP of Product Marketing, discusses the Juniper AI-Native Network Platform, emphasizing our shift from simple network uptime to optimizing user and operator experiences through AI.

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You’ll learn

  • How our AI-Native Platform delivers the right data, the right responses, and the right secure infrastructure to deliver the best user and operator experiences across all network domains

  • About recent innovations within the Platform, including new access points, Marvis VNA enhancements, and dynamic PCAP for wired and wireless networks

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Jeff Aaron Headshot
Jeff Aaron
GVP Product Marketing, Juniper


0:12 Mobility field day has a very emotional

0:15 attachment for mist I've been seeing you

0:17 all for a while uh we've always always

0:21 used this platform to launch really new

0:23 and exciting

0:25 Innovations and there's going to be no

0:27 difference today for mfd1

0:30 so I just wanted to first of all say

0:32 thank you for those uh who are watching

0:34 us uh thank you for this esteemed

0:36 delegate panel they've always given us

0:38 the right advice and I'm now going to

0:42 pass this off to Jeff Aaron and all I

0:45 wanted to say we started our journey as

0:47 Mist with Mobility field day became

0:49 Juniper Mist with Mobility field day and

0:52 the future continues to look bright so

0:54 Jeff what are you suj hella who runs the

0:58 campus and branch group at at Juniper

1:01 and was a CEO at at at mist my name is

1:04 Jeff Aon and I run product marketing at

1:06 Juniper actually many of you guys don't

1:08 know this um in in school I actually

1:10 studyed biological anthropology and

1:12 actually um I do keep pace of new

1:14 advances and they actually did discover

1:16 a new dinosaur it's called the buat Tom

1:18 so uh you know may

1:21 uh you're not the only one that can do

1:23 puns dude um no seriously uh Mobility

1:26 field day is obviously a big um area for

1:28 us where we do come out with some of our

1:30 latest and greatest announcements for

1:32 the year right and I've been doing field

1:34 days for this is probably about my my

1:36 10th or 11th and so really excited to do

1:38 this and this is going to be no

1:39 different but what I want to do is

1:41 actually come up and set the stage right

1:44 um because there's a lot of innovation

1:46 that happened since last Mobility field

1:48 a that we did so I want to kind of talk

1:50 about that a little bit and nothing's

1:51 been actually bigger than actually um

1:54 our our platform our AI native

1:55 networking platform so I actually want

1:57 to just describe that a little bit and

1:59 Juniper's kind of point of view cuz

2:01 that's going to set the stage for

2:02 everything you're going to hear today

2:03 yes we're going to dive into the

2:04 Technologies on wireless and wired and

2:06 location but taking up a level and

2:08 understanding you know what's at our

2:09 core and what are we trying to drive we

2:11 just wanted to spend a little bit time

2:12 on that so 10 minutes on that if you're

2:14 going to indulge the marketing guy and

2:16 then we'll hand it over over to the

2:17 product guys um so for those that

2:20 actually don't know you know about two

2:21 years ago you know we junip created a

2:24 true north it was called experience

2:25 first networking right and that was

2:27 really built on you know the mission

2:28 that Bob and and Bob Friday um the CTO

2:32 from mist and and and suj had at mist

2:34 and now it's to transition the industry

2:36 you know away from just um uptime and

2:40 and and network you know blinking lights

2:41 and more towards one where actually it's

2:43 focused on optimizing the end user

2:45 experience in the operator experience so

2:46 that's experience first and but what

2:49 many folks don't actually know is we

2:50 actually changed our mission statement

2:53 about four months ago where Juniper

2:55 actually came out and said our goal and

2:57 every employees goal at the company is

2:59 to literally make make every connection

3:00 count and so again that may sound like

3:02 pie in the sky and you know again

3:04 marketing fluff but it's important right

3:07 and what's important about that is that

3:08 second word uh in particular is

3:10 connection right and so what we like to

3:13 always say and what you're going to hear

3:14 when Wes talks and when Bob talks and

3:16 sudir talks is it's not just about how

3:18 we delivered a better radio or how we

3:20 delivered you know better you know

3:22 operational um SLE or something like

3:24 that is about what that means right and

3:25 what customers are using that you know

3:27 because you guys all know this right if

3:29 you know Amazon goes down for an hour

3:30 yeah they lose money but you can't buy

3:32 your son a birthday gift right or if you

3:35 know the Orlando VA if their B goes down

3:38 and a patient wanders off site from

3:40 their dementia Ward bad things happen

3:42 right and so it's not just about the

3:43 connectivity it's about the connections

3:45 right and we've been saying for you know

3:47 for for years um that you know again up

3:51 is not the same as good you guys know

3:53 this better than anyone right you know

3:54 my Wi-Fi sucks well the lights are

3:56 blinking right or the internet's down

3:59 well I'm not sure any way outages right

4:01 so there's a a fundamental difference

4:02 between user experiences and what the

4:04 network is showing you and our goal is

4:06 to bridge that Gap so what's interesting

4:08 is in January of this year we launched

4:11 What's called the AI native networking

4:12 platform and there's actually two pieces

4:15 of that that makes sense again every

4:16 word matters in in kind of what we did

4:18 here um the first is the fact that AI

4:21 native that's a term that we we really

4:23 wanted to own and double down on right

4:26 because we've been going through this

4:27 for a while you know I used to joke I

4:29 think on this stage I even said my job

4:31 you know back going back to mist is easy

4:33 right marketing all I have to do is slap

4:35 AI in front of everything and my job's

4:37 done right you know hey I driven

4:38 networking yeah you driven this right

4:40 but the fact of the matter is everyone

4:41 else caught on to that right in the last

4:43 four or five years you guys know this as

4:45 well as anyone you can walk into a room

4:46 and say well you know um I just heard

4:48 that same presentation in in in Aruba

4:51 orange or in in in Cisco blue right um

4:53 it sounds similar right so one of the

4:55 things we want to actually say is look

4:56 we're we're fundamentally different

4:58 right and from what we've been saying

4:59 and this again goes back to our our

5:01 earliest days in that there's three

5:03 fundamental things we do that makes AI

5:06 ingrained in everything we do and this

5:08 isn't just wired and wireless IT extends

5:09 across all the other areas which we'll

5:11 talk about but the first is it's about

5:13 the right data right you've heard Bob

5:15 say this time and time again you can't

5:18 make good wine without good grapes right

5:20 and so it's not just about the quantity

5:22 of data that goes into our system it's

5:23 about the quality so again you're going

5:25 to hear you know about new access points

5:28 where again we don't always bring up the

5:30 fact that these access points have an

5:31 extra radio you know that uh actually

5:33 collects user States 150 user States

5:35 every two seconds right we talk about

5:37 wired switches right it's about the

5:38 Telemetry that we're feeding into the

5:40 cloud right we talk about bringing in

5:42 new data sources like RF Spectrum

5:44 management again these are some of the

5:45 things that we're going to talk about

5:46 that feeds into the fact that we give

5:48 better data than anyone else okay the

5:51 second thing is where does that data go

5:52 and we've been up on this stage talking

5:54 about a microsurfaces cloud and how that

5:55 matters and security and how it needs to

5:57 be integrated so we'll talk about about

5:59 that more and with respect to this thing

6:01 we'll talk about Knack and and how we

6:02 made that even easier and then it's the

6:04 right response right again I've stood on

6:06 this stage where I've said we've been

6:08 doing AI longer than anyone else and I

6:10 think one of the delegates tweeted or

6:12 maybe even asked me it's like does being

6:13 first matter right I'm tired of hearing

6:15 being first and and my response is in AI

6:18 it actually does right um you know I was

6:21 one of the first people that had an

6:22 Alexa um my wife is a product manager

6:25 there and I remember asking it I was

6:27 like you know who is the quarterback of

6:28 the 49ers and it said Joe Montana is a

6:30 favorite famous quarterback of the 49ers

6:32 not what I asked right and now if you

6:34 ask it you know again you'll get every

6:36 stats from from you know last week and

6:38 you know injury reports and everything

6:40 else so learning is a a function of

6:42 getting better continuous learning and

6:44 again we're going to talk about how we

6:46 are constantly learning we are bringing

6:47 in um you know uh uh other sources like

6:50 zoom and teams for continuous learning

6:52 right we have our VNA which is the only

6:54 you know you know Aid driven VNA with

6:56 the conversational interface in the

6:58 industry how it keeps getting better

6:59 with more Minis and other activities so

7:01 we'll talk about that more in a second

7:04 and then the other part of that phrase

7:05 that I do want to reinforce is this is

7:07 an actual platform again we are in here

7:10 talking to you guys about wired and

7:12 wireless right but also we integrate our

7:14 sdw into the same cloud and AI engine

7:17 we've integrated Knack into the same

7:18 cloud and AI engine our location

7:20 services into the same W and AI engine

7:23 uh we announced our data center solution

7:24 is now being managed by Marvis and M Ai

7:27 and in future you'll hear other things

7:28 around some of the other areas so again

7:30 we like to point to the fact that this

7:32 isn't an architecture it's not a

7:33 architecture this is an actual living

7:35 eating breathing platform with real road

7:37 maps that really is embedded across the

7:39 entire Juniper

7:40 DNA um two other terms that you may hear

7:43 from us um AI for networking networking

7:45 for AI so as a company if it involves

7:48 networking and involves AI Juniper wants

7:50 to own it and be a leader right so

7:52 networking for AI is what we're going to

7:53 talk about here right um I'm sorry AI

7:56 for networking you know I messed it up

7:58 um so that's how you use AI for simpler

8:00 operations better user experience right

8:02 sometimes it's called AI Ops sometimes

8:03 it's called you know other things

8:05 networking for AI is how you build the

8:07 networks to support ai workloads ai

8:09 clusters right training inference that's

8:12 a separate conversation that involves

8:13 our data center solution we'll talk

8:15 about that in June at Cloud field day

8:17 but this is mobility field day so we're

8:19 going to talk about AI for networking as

8:20 it applies to wired and

8:22 wireless um and again it's all about

8:24 outcomes right so like we said um we've

8:26 been validating this for N9 years right

8:29 so real customer outcomes in terms of

8:31 85% better Opex 90% less trouble tickets

8:34 9x faster time to deploy You're Going to

8:36 Hear Again sudir West all these guys are

8:39 going to point to not just products but

8:41 how folks are getting value out of that

8:42 is that so is that you know the metrics

8:46 are good right and you guys have have

8:47 incredible success rates over there how

8:50 much of that is tied to your Hardware

8:51 though and your process and to to having

8:54 a newer product that's in the

8:55 marketplace that opposed to the AI

8:57 component of it yeah no it's a good

8:59 question and I think we'll we'll talk

9:00 about it when we get to some of the

9:01 other areas so obviously look the

9:03 hardware does matter right um I think as

9:05 you know in Wireless for example Bob and

9:07 sudir always say we didn't want to get

9:09 into the access point business right

9:11 it's like you know we would have just

9:12 been happy been a software and an a

9:14 which it did yeah but we did because you

9:16 need to collect you know things like

9:18 extra you know data sets for for so yes

9:21 the hardware does does matter many

9:23 instances um but I think a big portion

9:25 of this is the AI is the cloud how do

9:27 you learn how do you pull in that data

9:29 right

9:29 um in some instances you can work with

9:31 third party data but or third party

9:33 Hardware but uh a big portion of that is

9:35 the actual you know knowledge behind it

9:36 and again we'll we'll talk about what

9:37 that means in the

9:39 efficacy um the funny thing is you

9:41 didn't realize sudir was stepping in

9:42 then realized I can handle the question

9:43 and he backed

9:45 up best

9:47 part he feel his hand on my shoulder he

9:50 wears sandals so it's like a stalking

9:51 tiger that squeaks it is it is kind of

9:54 funny so like tiger um yeah exactly like

9:57 tiger um so look I mean like we said our

10:00 last MFD was actually MFD 9 um I think

10:02 there were two last year and we we just

10:04 did nine so a lot happened since then we

10:06 launched our access Assurance product

10:08 which is our Knack we'll talk about that

10:09 um you know we had all these

10:11 enhancements when it comes to our VNA

10:13 you know we added llm you know for for

10:15 uh with chat gbt for some tech dos

10:18 expanded that we launched our Marvis

10:19 minis we're going to talk about that how

10:21 it expanded our first digital experience

10:23 twin um we've added you know some new

10:25 access points that we would talk about

10:27 uh I'm not going to go through all this

10:28 there's a lot here I will talk about

10:30 that one in the upper upper left um only

10:34 to say we can't talk about it right

10:37 obviously you know it's just legally we

10:39 can't um just there's there there's

10:41 something we just you know we legally

10:43 can't do it so for those that have maybe

10:44 been living under a wired Wireless Rock

10:47 um HP did announce the intent to acquire

10:49 Juniper um uh uh I don't even remember

10:52 when anymore uh January January yeah and

10:57 uh it was a you know announced to be

10:59 billion acquisition uh the expectation

11:01 is to create a HP networking business

11:03 unit 11 billion business unit run by

11:06 Ramy Rahim Juniper CEO um but also the

11:10 only thing I'll point out is if you read

11:11 the press release if you read the blogs

11:14 it's all about AI native and building

11:16 you know a native future so obviously a

11:18 lot of what we're going to talk about

11:19 here is is part of that um the reason

11:22 you know so there's there's there's um

11:23 you know 13 billion reasons why AI

11:26 native is important yeah so um with that

11:29 uh

11:30 again this is what we're going to this

11:32 is what we announced today so we have 3

11:34 hours or two and a half hours when I'm

11:36 done but these are some of the things

11:38 that you're going to see this is a press

11:39 release that went out today like we said

11:41 we save some of our biggest

11:42 announcements for MFD and this is what's

11:44 on the wire so things like better user

11:47 experiences right we've talked to you

11:49 about integrating with zoom and teams

11:50 using continuous learning we've taken

11:52 that to the next level using new data

11:54 science models where not only can you do

11:56 a root cause of a problem after a bad

11:58 call you can actually predict that bad

12:00 calls are going to happen really cool

12:02 stuff Bob's going to talk about that out

12:03 of the gate we talked about Marvis minis

12:06 the first digital experience twin people

12:08 loved it it was for wireless only we've

12:10 now added it for Wired so we'll show

12:12 that we'll demo that I think that's an

12:13 Obby section uh uh we continue to

12:16 enhance our service levels um you know

12:18 you guys know that that's the way to

12:20 manage user experiences so we've added

12:22 more wired ones when it comes to

12:24 operator experiences one of the things

12:25 that probably you guys are going to geek

12:27 out on is we've added our Spectrum uh

12:29 capture to to a lot our troubleshooting

12:31 so we'll show that Dynamic pcap again I

12:34 think you guys all love and have used

12:36 Dynamic peap for wireless we're the

12:38 first out with it the only one that's

12:39 real time the only one that's streaming

12:41 patented solution we've now added it for

12:43 Wired we'll show that as well uh and

12:45 then some additional marvous actions and

12:48 then the last area which um I'm

12:49 especially excited about is our Knack

12:51 you know we we launched it but we've

12:53 done some really cool things we've added

12:55 edome I think there's a big ass for that

12:57 but also we've added some really cool

12:59 things in terms of onboarding by working

13:01 with client uh MDM and EM Solutions

13:03 where you literally download you know

13:05 some of the certificates and then uh

13:07 enforce some of the posture and and the

13:08 validation of that we did a customer

13:11 Retreat about three four weeks ago where

13:13 it may have been slava's um you know um

13:15 uh presentation but this got a standing

13:17 ovasion uh you know and I think we

13:19 presented this to a lot of our

13:20 influencers a week or so ago where

13:22 everyone's like I'm in the process of

13:24 managing surch right now I can't stand

13:26 it right so if this can help me with

13:27 that I'm all in and and we're going to

13:29 show you that

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