Jeff Aaron, VP Enterprise Marketing, Juniper Networks 

Juniper AI-Driven Enterprise: Momentum and What’s New

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The still image shown from the video features a chart of the Juniper product set. The title says, “Client-to-Cloud: AI-Driven Self-Driving Secure Full Stack.” The illustration shows “client” on the left side and “to cloud” on the right. In the middle is “Marvis.” Underneath on the first line, starting from the left and moving right, are Wi-Fi Assurance, Wired Assurance, WAN Assurance, and below that is Wireless LAN, Wired LAN, SD-WAN/Secure Edge. At the bottom is a green bar with the words “Connected Security (NAC).” The Juniper driven by Mist AI logo is at the top of the page. The website for Tech Field Day is at the bottom and is The two presenters, Jeff Aaron and Sujai Hajela, are pictured talking in a screen at the bottom.

Three innovations from Juniper you need to know about. 

At the recent Mobility Field Day,  Juniper’s Jeff Aaron and Sujai Hajela shared exciting news: Juniper is introducing new enterprise hardware offerings that will harness the ever-growing capabilities of its artificial intelligence (AI) and software portfolio. How will these new products affect you and your enterprise? By simplifying your deployments and ensuring an amazing user experience across the entire self-driving network. Learn more about these exciting new innovations now, and discover how they can advance outcomes for your network teams.

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You’ll learn

  • A few of the reasons why Juniper is THE fastest growing wireless vendor 

  • How the new EX 4100 Series enterprise access switches will vastly improve experience and security 

  • How our newly launched, industry-first, location-aware AIOps Solution will make Day 1 installations easier than ever 

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Jeff Aaron Headshot
Jeff Aaron
VP Enterprise Marketing, Juniper Networks  

Guest speakers

Sujai Hajela Headshot
Sujai Hajela
EVP and head of AI-Driven Enterprise​​, Juniper Networks


0:08 um i'm jeff aaron i'm head of enterprise

0:10 marketing here and a lot of you know

0:12 sujello he's evp and ex-co-founder mist

0:15 and head to the age of an enterprise

0:16 what they did do is want to set the

0:18 stage a little bit right and i know you

0:19 hate this pyramid slide because we have

0:21 to bring in other business units and cj

0:22 always thinks it's all about the age of

0:23 an enterprise right but you know

0:26 juniper's mantra is all about experience

0:27 first networking right and so that's the

0:29 one thing i want you guys to keep in the

0:30 back your head as we go through this

0:31 presentation right r2 north is all about

0:34 how do you make user experiences better

0:36 whether it's more reliable wi-fi whether

0:37 it's more personalized experiences

0:39 location and how do you make operator

0:41 experiences better like through better

0:42 automation through self-driving networks

0:44 right as we say you know experience is

0:46 the new uptime and so that's really what

0:48 we we focus on all our product set and

0:50 our new features and we're going to

0:51 continue to um to do that here

0:54 what's popping up there

0:55 um also um again to level set you know a

0:58 little bit of our journey which you're

0:59 going to hear a lot more from bob and

1:00 other folks is you know we came from

1:02 this um you know that was a i like to

1:04 say we were an ai company that kind of

1:05 dabbled in wireless right yeah um and

1:07 then we were acquired by juniper in 2019

1:11 2019 first of april and then uh after

1:13 that we brought in the ex portfolio

1:15 which then brought wired underneath this

1:16 missed umbrella and missed ai engine for

1:18 for uh for that um then we acquired 128

1:21 technologies to bring in the sd-wan uh

1:23 recently required white sand to bring in

1:25 uh some of the knack stuff into the

1:26 portfolio and so it just keeps getting

1:28 better um and so again we like to say

1:31 that we're we're the only vendor in

1:32 there that actually has a common cloud

1:34 common ai engine across the full stack

1:36 from from client to cloud and actually

1:37 in fact the client pieces can become

1:39 even more relevant when we talk about

1:40 some announcements today um so you know

1:42 we're really excited about this and it

1:43 continues to grow in fact you know one

1:45 it's your baby so why don't you talk a

1:46 little bit about the the agent

1:47 enterprise well i think you know the key

1:49 part is

1:51 the vision is resonating

1:53 for those of you who remember us sam you

1:55 remember us for sure i was he was one of

1:57 the first calls when i left cisco to

1:59 start mist with bob

2:01 we are

2:02 not of a billion dollars

2:06 how am i how's that for growth

2:09 right the ai driven enterprise has grown

2:11 33 year on year and you know what's

2:13 happening to the market what i get

2:16 excited about is the mystified revenue

2:19 right has grown 135 percent year on year

2:23 you know but these are proof points that

2:26 the vision is resonating but let's get

2:29 to something really exciting and

2:31 important so

2:33 if you think about it

2:35 if you really think about it when we

2:37 started we came and presented to you in

2:39 2016.

2:41 you have been a part of our journey with

2:43 us for some of you actually i think i

2:46 met one of you it was wait probably at

2:48 the

2:49 event in vegas

2:52 we are on a mission

2:53 to unleash the network for the next

2:55 decade and whether you like it or not

2:57 you're a part of that mission with us

2:59 right and most importantly

3:02 beyond the fact that i'm appreciative of

3:05 the support and guidance we get

3:06 the key part

3:08 is the mobility field day is a platform

3:12 for us

3:13 at mist and now at juniper ai driven

3:16 enterprise to bring new innovations to

3:18 the market

3:20 that's what i get crazily excited about

3:22 we're going to announce three

3:24 innovations today

3:25 the first one

3:28 well let's just go for the bill the

3:30 first one you know you you will see the

3:33 ex 4100 this is not about

3:37 yet another piece of hardware it's

3:38 fundamentally about we are manifesting

3:41 or continuing to manifest ai

3:44 to the wired and wireless network 4100

3:48 is just another form factor

3:50 which completes that comprehensive

3:52 portfolio but what i'm most excited

3:54 about what bob started this journey

3:57 in is the fact that we are bringing

4:01 yet another switch born in the cloud

4:04 under the supervision of marvis that is

4:07 the ex 4100 born in the cloud with ai

4:10 coursing through its veins right oh i

4:11 like that

4:13 the second one and you know what

4:16 there was a lot of discussion about this

4:18 title which we're going to talk about

4:21 and people just said what does that even

4:22 mean and my stake was my job is to talk

4:25 about it bob's job is to explain it okay

4:28 we are the first ones in the industry to

4:31 be bringing location to ai ops and while

4:35 you're scratching as to what that even

4:37 means

4:38 think about it

4:39 connectivity we all know we love it's

4:41 been the bread and butter for us for a

4:43 long time

4:45 we started talking about location and

4:46 how do we bring the 360 view we're now

4:48 bringing ai ops to that

4:51 last but not the least which becomes

4:53 extremely critical and if you were to

4:55 around look at the third innovation

4:58 marvelous is not new to you but marvis

5:01 continues to go wider

5:03 bringing more and more third-party

5:06 data sources in to make the marvis

5:08 decisions better

5:09 marvel's continues to go deeper

5:12 and bob's going to talk about some of

5:14 the new algorithms which have been

5:16 introduced

5:17 and most importantly as it goes wider as

5:20 it goes deeper as it starts going

5:22 towards proactive i.t the key part i

5:25 want to say is it is now already at its

5:29 sixth generation

5:31 2016 2022 do the math a number comes up

5:36 do the math on marvis on the sixth

5:38 generation that's what this is all about

5:40 so

5:41 fundamentally extremely excited to be

5:43 here

5:44 this is the platform my only request as

5:47 you go through the day and you listen to

5:48 my team and talk about the amazingness

5:50 they are bringing to the market the key

5:52 part continue to guide us continue to be

5:54 our critic that's what makes us better

5:57 so so first of all thank you very much

5:59 everybody for uh for for truly uh you

6:02 know uh inviting missed and for us

6:04 leading you off today we are we we as

6:07 sujay said you are our family and and

6:10 truly we appreciate the opportunity to

6:13 partner with you

6:14 thank you for everybody that has

6:17 provided an option you know feedback to

6:19 us you know been critical of us being

6:21 helpful of us everything helps us so

6:24 thank you for you know truly making who

6:26 we are today

6:28 over a billion dollar business for the

6:30 ai driven enterprise

6:38 you

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