Sunalini Sankhavaram, Senior Director, Product Management, Juniper Networks

Demo - Juniper's New NaaS Dashboard

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The still image of the presentation shows the presenter, Sunalini Sankhavaram, in the bottom left corner. She is discussing the first slide of the presentation, which is titled “AI-driven Enterprise Full Stack — Now available as a monthly service!” The text box underneath reads, “Juniper’s NaaS facilitates deployment and supports operations and management of Juniper AI-driven Enterprise full-stack, which includes wired, wireless, and secure SD-WAN network services.” The box underneath reads, “Industry-leading AI technology and single, cloud-based portal.” The box underneath reads, “Flexible purchasing and payment options.” Finally, the next box reads, “Consistent user experience.” There is an illustration of NaaS with a Juniper “Cloud” in the center.

Grow your business with the new Juniper NaaS monthly service.

Interested in learning more about Juniper’s new Networking as a Service (NaaS) offering? Watch this short demo to see how simple it is to use the AI-driven NaaS dashboard, which provides a holistic, multitenant view into the real-time performance of wired, wireless, and secure SD-WAN networks.

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Sunalini Sankhavaram Headshot
Sunalini Sankhavaram
Senior Director, Product Management, Juniper Networks


0:08 next what we want to talk about is Yes

0:10 we made day one easy you can

0:12 pre-configure your entire campus fabric

0:15 without even a switch going live Yes we

0:17 made day two easy we talked about the

0:19 service level expectation but it's not

0:21 just about the SLA about the network

0:24 being up or down it's about is the wired

0:27 client or a wireless client behind an

0:29 access point having a good experience

0:31 now what does this all mean from a Nas

0:33 perspective

0:34 the product is easy whether it's a

0:37 branch whether it's a campus whether

0:39 it's a wireless LAN Network a wired

0:41 Network or a van Network we have made it

0:43 very easy with what we've done with

0:44 assurance and Marvis where we have now

0:47 taken the next step is even buying that

0:50 Network making it easy make it flexible

0:52 so now imagine just like you have a

0:54 monthly phone plan you have a monthly

0:56 Network plan that Network would be a

0:58 branch or branches that Network could be

1:00 a campus fabric that Network could be a

1:02 full stack Wireless wired one so that's

1:04 why we've taken now the next step so

1:06 it's all about how the AI driven

1:08 Enterprise full stack Wireless wired

1:11 band Branch campus available now as a

1:14 monthly service what does this mean for

1:16 you or for our customers and our

1:18 partners

1:19 you now have the ability to access the

1:21 AI technology to your benefit with a

1:24 much much affordable phone like almost

1:27 like a phone plan right you're able to

1:29 pay as you grow you don't have to buy

1:32 Upfront for your entire deployment you

1:34 buy what you need and as you scale up

1:36 you already saw the configuration model

1:38 letting you add new sites new pods

1:41 without impacting your current Network

1:42 even the first option now becomes in

1:45 line with that you buy as you grow you

1:47 pay as you grow it's very simple and

1:50 last but not least again our focus on

1:52 the user experience stays throughout

1:55 this even with our Network as a service

1:57 model so the technology is easy it's

2:00 easy to use either deploy not even

2:02 buying it is becoming easier

2:06 what does this mean it means zero

2:08 upfront cost no longer do you have to

2:10 buy you know we support capex models

2:13 today we support capex plus Opex model

2:15 today where some of our customers our

2:16 partners want to own the hardware and

2:19 just buy the subscriptions now we're

2:21 offering the ability for our customers

2:23 and our partners who are providing

2:25 managed services to buy hardware and

2:27 software as again a monthly plan so no

2:30 heavy upfront costs if you wanted to go

2:32 that route it's scalable you have the

2:35 power of cloud behind you you have the

2:37 power of the microservices architecture

2:38 behind you again full stack Wireless

2:41 wired van Branch campus all available as

2:44 part of this offering

2:46 it's turnkey

2:47 now let's talk a little bit about what

2:49 does it mean to be TurnKey Are We Now

2:51 offering an SLA Are We Now offering a

2:54 solution that every customer who wants

2:56 to deploy or take benefit of this Nas

2:58 offering has to buy a managed service

3:00 from juniper

3:02 absolutely not

3:03 as you can see from a technology stack

3:06 perspective

3:07 AI Ops now is at your fingertips to make

3:10 provisioning deployment and operating

3:12 the network easy so what we have done is

3:14 if you would like a turnkey solution

3:16 with a full SLE and SLA guarantee that's

3:20 where we leverage our partners our key

3:22 managers providers to offer you that SLA

3:25 leveraging our technology in the back

3:27 end but at the same time there are quite

3:29 a few customers who want to manage that

3:31 Network themselves

3:32 does that mean they cannot Avail of this

3:35 offering they absolutely can so now even

3:38 those customers who want to manage their

3:40 own networks and use our AI technology

3:43 to see how we are meeting the service

3:45 level expectation per user can now

3:49 access a monthly plan no longer does it

3:51 have to be a managed offering only

3:53 and this is what gives you the

3:54 flexibility of of who we offer and how

3:56 we offer this is also what gives you the

3:58 Competitive Edge in terms of access to

4:00 the latest technology at your fingertips

4:02 with a very very easy procurement plan

4:04 now let's I'll give you a quick demo

4:06 here as well

4:08 and here the focus is what do we do

4:13 from uh

4:15 managed partner perspective so we have

4:17 like I said Partners who could who are

4:20 search providers

4:21 who are providing this offering to their

4:25 customers and they are providing the

4:26 knock and sock to give you the full SLA

4:28 and the SLE SLE again being not just

4:31 network uptime but these are experience

4:33 measurement so from an MSP perspective a

4:36 managers provide a perspective we have

4:37 the full airops dashboard where they can

4:39 see all the customers what their Network

4:42 usage is what are the subscriptions what

4:44 are they expiring and when they have to

4:46 build them for a news Etc when they're

4:48 coming to capacity but even more

4:50 importantly what helps them meet that

4:52 SLE again I always take it back to the

4:55 service level experience versus just

4:56 Network uptime because that's what every

4:58 other vendor does today is even at a

5:02 managed service level the MSP knows

5:04 exactly how the network is doing no

5:06 matter what component you have wireless

5:08 wired or van Branch or campus for every

5:12 user at an SLE level so here are all

5:15 your customer orgs and if I look at an

5:17 aggregate view of our full stack Network

5:20 here you can see for my full stack

5:22 customers how is my network doing as

5:24 measured from a user experience

5:26 perspective and then

5:28 the management supplier knows exactly

5:30 what Mars actions are being called out

5:31 so they know what to take care of even

5:33 before the customer calls them so this

5:35 is again how easy we've made it the

5:37 power of Marvis available to the MSP to

5:40 make sure they can meet the SLA

5:42 guarantee as well as the SLE that we

5:45 bring to the table with our technology

5:46 stack now taking it even a step further

5:50 is from a do-it-yourself customer

5:52 perspective who is procuring this

5:55 service or even our management providers

5:58 and what dashboard do they show

6:00 their customers what we've done for that

6:03 is built a very very simple View

6:07 of

6:08 rdas offering and here A B if you don't

6:11 mind

6:14 there we go

6:16 so this is a very simple view for a

6:19 customer who's procuring a Nas service

6:20 and again all they care about is what is

6:23 my usage

6:24 and how is my network doing so here this

6:27 could be a mobile app this could be a

6:29 mobile browser they just go into a link

6:30 open it up and they can see exactly how

6:33 many APS how many switches how many

6:34 bandages they're using

6:36 if it's a single deployment they can see

6:38 the details of that if it's a global

6:40 deployment with multiple branches

6:41 multiple campuses they can see exactly

6:43 where there is but things become even

6:45 more interesting again it's not just

6:48 about Network uptime right where do we

6:50 differentiate it's about the user

6:51 experience so even for our end customers

6:53 we're looking at our Nas portal when

6:56 they are buying this service what they

6:57 will see is in their fingertips in the

7:00 palm of their hand what is my wireless

7:02 essay like from a pre-connection

7:04 perspective from a post-connection

7:06 perspective what is my wired SRE like

7:08 from a again a pre-connection

7:10 perspective a post connection

7:11 perspective how is my van network doing

7:14 is my circuit app are my applications

7:16 doing well whether they're in the data

7:17 center or in the SAS how is my overall

7:20 Downstream network doing do I have a van

7:21 bat do I have a bad band link do I have

7:24 a bad application and they already know

7:26 all this again because of the parts of

7:27 the technology and last but not least

7:29 overall view of client usage traffic

7:32 usage any tickets that are open and what

7:35 is their overall subscription usage like

7:37 so yes you get all the details and all

7:39 the visibility from the Miss portal but

7:41 from a Nas offering perspective we've

7:43 tried to simplify

7:45 the buying methodology making it Opex

7:47 only and even from a viewing perspective

7:49 imagine the mid-market customers who

7:51 don't want to worry about the you know

7:53 behind the scenes what's happening they

7:55 just want to say hey how is my network

7:56 doing the nas portal solves a problem

7:58 for them in the palm of their hands with

8:00 juniper Mist always try to make it easy

8:02 whether it's day zero day one day two

8:06 and now making buying even easier and

8:08 operating your networks by the rear hand

8:10 so thank you for that how many questions

8:13 how mature is this offering and do you

8:15 have customers using it already or is

8:17 that possible using it already so far a

8:19 go to market has been through our

8:20 partners but they loved our Tech stack

8:22 and that's where you saw the MSP facing

8:24 dashboard this is now we're introducing

8:26 to our customers who are doing their

8:28 managing their Network themselves but

8:30 want to take a benefit to the NASA

8:31 offering so all right for the NASA

8:34 offering do customers or msps

8:37 have the option to decide when they want

8:40 to upgrade certain Hardware so if

8:42 Juniper comes out with the new Switch

8:43 can I automatically say as a customer I

8:45 want to bring that into my network but

8:48 it's like a juniper decision it is no

8:51 it's absolutely a customer decision but

8:53 it's just like your your phone plan

8:54 right when a new iPhone comes out or a

8:56 new Google pixel comes out and you say

8:58 hey I have this Google pixel I bought

8:59 like six months ago but I want the new

9:01 one sure upgrade your phone plan you get

9:03 that the same methodology works here as

9:05 well so

9:06 thank you to use that analogy though if

9:09 we're going to go down the phone plan uh

9:12 how flexible is the as a service model

9:14 in terms of is it still a term

9:16 commitment since obviously Hardware is

9:18 being delivered to the customer site or

9:20 is it something that they can be much

9:22 more flexible and say I need some slip

9:24 so I need it for 24 months so I get out

9:28 it back take it back to your phone plan

9:30 for most of your phone plans where you

9:31 see

9:32 you see the hardware and the data plan

9:33 and service it's a two-year contract

9:35 very similarly we can do one year three

9:37 or five year uh three year before that's

9:39 what we see the speed spot but you're

9:41 paying monthly right and if you want

9:43 let's say for whatever reason terminate

9:45 early just like a phone plan there's a

9:47 termination class okay

9:49 thank you no problem now with network as

9:51 a service are we talking primarily

9:53 connectivity as a service or also

9:55 security

9:56 as a service if we want to Overlay some

9:58 of the the security components as well

10:00 uh security absolutely so as part of our

10:03 SD van offering what we call as demand

10:05 sassy as you know Juniper has a full

10:07 portfolio for secure Edge along with SD

10:09 bank so you can procure that also as a

10:11 service so anything that Juniper South

10:13 essentially can be procured as a service

10:15 security included on top of connectivity

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