What is CN2? (Juniper Cloud-Native Contrail Networking)

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The title slide from the video is shown. It includes the headline, “What is CN2? (Juniper Cloud-Native Contrail Networking).” It’s illustrated with an abstract drawing of a network with a cloud in the center with a circle and points leading to a computer and colored dots. The Juniper logo is shown, along with “TechLibrary” in the upper right corner.

Curious about CN2? Here’s what you need to know.

Juniper Cloud-Native Contrail Networking (CN2) is a Kubernetes-native, software-defined networking (SDN) platform that automates infrastructure as a service (IaaS) operations and virtual network lifecycle management. Learn more about how you can easily use CN2 to create dynamic network policies and the many other benefits of using CN2 networking in this short video. 

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You’ll learn

  • How to manage workloads in private, public, and hybrid clouds with centralized control 

  • The benefits of using CN2 networking, including less onboarding downtime and lower operational costs

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:05 Juniper Cloud-Native Contrail Networking, or CN2, is a Kubernetes-native software-defined

0:11 networking platform that automates Infrastructure as a Service operations and virtual network

0:19 lifecycle management.

0:21 CN2 is a Container Networking Interface that lets you manage workloads in both private,

0:28 public, and hybrid clouds that provides centralized control of the virtual routing, switching,

0:34 security, and load-balancing of multiple containerized application clusters.

0:39 Manage your containerized workloads within a Kubernetes cloud.

0:46 Cloud-native orchestration enables seamless operations in a consistent environment.

0:50 This means less onboarding downtime, the ability to quickly deploy dynamic services, and lower

0:56 operational costs.

1:01 Deploy a high-performance, highly scalable network with a wide range of L2 and L3 protocols.

1:07 CN2’s vRouter offers DPDK, kernel, or SmartNIC implementations for high-performance packet

1:14 processing.

1:15 CN2 supports tunneling protocols that abstract the physical underlay and provide networks

1:20 with isolation, security, and granular network policies.

1:27 Through integration with Kubernetes and OpenShift, CN2 offers a flexible hybrid SDN solution

1:33 that emphasizes agility, scalability, and high-performance NetOps.

1:41 Create dynamic network policies that isolate traffic within and across virtual networks.

1:47 Enforce security rules across multicluster networks.

1:51 Isolate namespaces, services, and pod traffic to minimize your application’s exposure

1:56 to threats from external networks.

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