Dani Aiello, Product Marketing Manager, Automated WAN Solutions Group

Making 400G Waves: PTX10004 Modular Router

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A large computer hardware module with several ports. Text on the right reads: Scalability and Performance. Uses Juniper Networks Triton silicon, 57.6 Tbps of throughput, Efficient power and cooling with 0.14 W per Gigabit, Native MACsec 400GBE and 100 GbE line cards. PTX10004 Packet Transport Router and Juniper logo.

400G: Scale efficiently without breaking the bank

How do you affordably address massive bandwidth demands as we move further into the 5G, AI, and Cloud eras? Watch as Dani Aiello from Juniper Networks explains how we’re leading in the 400G space by delivering scale, efficiency, and savings with the PTX10004 modular router.

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You’ll learn

  • How the PTX10004 enhances scalability and performance

  • How Juniper specialized chips and custom Triton Silicon can optimize the PTX10004

  • How Juniper’s pay-as-you-grow licensing model can work for you

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Business Leaders Network Professionals


Dani Aiello - Headshot
Dani Aiello
Product Marketing Manager, Automated WAN Solutions Group, Juniper Networks