Leonard Luna, Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks

Juniper + EA + OIF + OFC22 = Driving Industry Standards

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See what really cool things Juniper was up to at OFC 2022

Juniper Networks’ Leonard Luna showcases the exciting live multivendor interop Juniper participated in with Ethernet Alliance, OIF, and fellow industry vendors at OFC 22. 

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You’ll learn

  • How multiple equipment from different vendors can work well together 

  • What Juniper brings to the party at the OIF 400G interop demo 

  • How we can accomplish fabulous things through collaboration 

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Leonard Luna Headshot
Leonard Luna
Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks


0:06 juniper networks is here in san diego

0:08 california at ofc 2022 let's see what

0:11 we're up to

0:13 juniper networks is a proud member of

0:15 both the oif standard bodies and the

0:17 ethernet alliance organization and this

0:19 year as we've done many times before

0:20 we're participating in both interop

0:22 demonstrations let's take a look at what

0:24 we're doing in the ea booth

0:26 juniper networks is participating in

0:28 this interop demonstration with two of

0:30 its platforms the acx 7100-48l

0:35 and the ptx 1001-36mr

0:40 here in the ptx we're featuring a lot of

0:42 400 gig zr technology plugables and in

0:46 the 7100 we're also featuring 400 gig zr

0:50 100 gig interfaces and both fiber and

0:52 copper 50 gig interfaces

0:55 all of this is tied together with a lot

0:56 of other vendor equipment both routers

0:59 switches and pluggable technologies to

1:02 show the industry how all this type of

1:04 equipment when you follow these

1:05 standards can work well together

1:07 besides participating in the broader

1:09 interop demonstration juniper's

1:11 equipment was also selected to

1:13 interconnect the ea booth with the oif

1:15 booth through this table that connect

1:17 the two together let's go see what we're

1:18 doing in the oif booth

1:23 that fiber optic cable terminates here

1:26 in the oif demo

1:27 where we're participating with six

1:30 different module vendors three different

1:32 routing vendors and three different open

1:34 line system vendors all in one large 400

1:36 gig interop demo see here on both sides

1:40 of the system let's take a look at what

1:41 juniper is bringing to the party

1:44 juniper networks is participating in

1:45 this demonstration with another acx

1:48 7100-48l and its own plugables you'll

1:51 see in this demo we've actually

1:53 intermixed our plugables with other

1:55 vendors equipment we've got sienna

1:56 juniper fujitsu neophotonics

1:59 these are all tied into both a powered

2:02 and passive open line systems that are

2:04 connecting these two racks of equipment

2:07 there's over 80 kilometers of fiber

2:09 interconnecting these all together and

2:11 again this sends a strong message to the

2:13 industry that standards are important

2:15 particularly ones that are being driven

2:16 by oif helps us all connect and

2:19 interwork together so operators can go

2:21 after best in class solutions

2:24 it's great to be back among the

2:26 telecommunications community here at ofc

2:28 22. thanks for spending your time with

2:30 us and go to juniper.net to learn more

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