Make Your Edge Network a Platform for Innovation

Agility to help you rapidly introduce new services.

Your legacy edge network requires new, service-specific appliances for each new service that you introduce, making innovation a difficult and expensive undertaking. Our edge solutions can help you move beyond this obstacle and transform your network into an agile platform for service creation.

The MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router portfolio, powered by the programmable Trio chipset and Junos OS, supports a wide variety of Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN services. You can combine these with Network Edge Services to reduce your dependency on single-service appliances and the layers of OS and management complexity they add. Our virtualized edge router, the vMX, provides an ideal platform for efficient network scale-out and low-risk service introductions while maintaining feature and operational consistency with the entire MX Series 3D portfolio.

You can also use the Juniper Extension Toolkit to customize Junos OS and extract additional value from the network by integrating it with applications developed by third parties.

Contrail Cloud Platform is another way that our edge solution promotes service innovation. This integrated cloud management platform automates the orchestration of your compute, storage, and networking resources to create and scale open, intelligent, and reliable OpenStack clouds. The result: you can deliver unique, highly customized business services in minutes rather than months.

Complementing these powerful elements for edge networks is our solution for Cloud CPE, which includes highly flexible cloud- and premises-based routing, security, and services options. Cloud CPE lets you take advantage of NFV to speed your time-to-market for innovative managed services.

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How we put it together
  • MX Series Routers

    SDN-ready edge routers that provide industry-leading system capacity, density, and performance to meet the rapidly growing demands of enterprise and service provider networks.

  • vMX Virtual Router

    Helps network operators of all types increase their network and service agility and speed time to market—and revenue—for new services.

  • vSRX Virtual Firewall

    High-performance network security in a virtual form factor for rapid deployment and scale-out environments.

  • Contrail

    A simple, open, and agile SDN solution that automates and orchestrates the creation of highly scalable virtual networks.