Converged Supercore Architecture Paves the Way for Revenue and Profits

Shorten your planning cycles and improve elasticity.

Today, many core architectures are statically designed, manually operated, and over-engineered with complex, service-focused routers—a state that results in flat or declining profits. To get the revenue stream flowing again, organizations need a powerful, converged architecture that delivers the agility required to get the most from network resources.

Offering superior performance coupled with more efficient use of power and space, the Converged Supercore® architecture can be the key to shorter planning cycles and greater network elasticity.

Our PTX Series, the world’s most powerful full-featured IP/MPLS transit-optimized router, is the cornerstone of the Converged Supercore architecture.

  • The PTX5000 delivers industry-leading IP/MPLS packet performance with capacity of 3 Tb per slot, for a total system capacity of 24 Tb.
  • The PTX3000 delivers industry-leading IP/MPLS packet performance at 1 Tb per slot in a compact, space-efficient package, with for a total system capacity of 8 Tb.
  • The PTX1000 delivers IP/MPLS packet performance in the industry’s only fixed-configuration core router, for a total system capacity of 3 Tb in only 2 rack units.

The PTX Series delivers consistent wire-rate performance across industry-standard packet lengths while reducing overall network latency by as much as 92 percent, compared to traditional services routing platforms. This enormous reduction in latency allows operators for the first time to use full-featured IP/MPLS in latency-sensitive applications such as experimental research networks, 5G mobile transport networks, and Data Center Interconnect (DCI).

All PTX Series capabilities, including forwarding architectures optimized for a full IP and MPLS feature set, are based on the custom Junos® ASIC chipset. In addition, optimization features on the PTX Series reduce power-related OpEx by as much as 50 percent, compared to traditional, services-focused routing platforms.

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How we put it together
  • PTX5000

    The PTX5000 Packet Transport Router forms the foundation of the Converged Supercore, with integrated, coherent DWDM 100GbE interfaces for large networks and network applications.

  • PTX3000

    The PTX3000 Packet Transport Router forms the Converged Supercore for space- and power-constrained environments.

  • PTX1000

    The PTX1000 Packet Transport Router forms the Converged Supercore for distributed core environments.