Advanced Optical Without the Complexity

Simplify core architectures and service provisioning by partnering with leaders.

Many of today’s core architectures are burdened with multiple complex networking layers, driving up CapEx and OpEx, while increasing domain silos. In short, they stand in the way of profitability.

To help solve this problem, Juniper is partnering with optical transport vendors ADVA and Coriant to simplify core architectures by enabling packet transport that easily plugs in to end-to-end service provisioning and performance/alarm management systems. For example, our PTX Series 100GbE coherent optical interfaces are now virtually integrated into ADVA’s and Coriant’s transport network management systems, delivering a plug-and-play solution for traditional transport environments.

By providing shared knowledge about resources and topology, the Juniper solution improves operator service creation and reduces troubleshooting time with end-to-end packet service provisioning and management across all layers.

Extensible management interfaces such as NETCONF/YANG within the Junos® OS make the IP/MPLS packet layer fully transport-aware of the optical topology, without any human intervention. The result is a proactive, automated, and highly efficient traffic rerouting infrastructure that lowers your network OpEx, while drawing new business value across previously siloed domains.

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How we put it together
  • PTX5000

    The PTX5000 Packet Transport Router is the foundation of the Converged Supercore, with integrated, coherent DWDM 100GbE interfaces for large networks and network applications.

  • PTX3000

    The PTX3000 Packet Transport Router forms the Converged Supercore for space- and power-constrained environments.

  • Junos OS

    Junos OS integrates network routing, switching, security, and network operating services in a single operating system to reduce the complexity of a network.