Network Automation

Build simplicity into your network for speed, agility, and service assurance.

In the 5G and cloud era, end-users, devices, and applications are becoming increasingly mobile and, perhaps more importantly, increasingly portable. For network operators, the service experience has become a critical differentiator, whether you’re an enterprise IT organization, service provider, or cloud provider. It’s not enough to keep pace with end-user expectations. You have to exceed them. We call this Experience-First Networking.


How Juniper can help

To stay ahead of your customers’ ever-changing business and personal requirements you must be more responsive, insightful, elastic, and resilient by supplying an automated, service-assured network. Juniper Paragon Automation can help you gain that competitive advantage.

Optimize operations

By using the efficiency of closed-loop, intent-based operations across your entire network and services life cycle, you can reduce the time it takes to perform common operating tasks, minimize manual process-related errors, and do more with the resources you already have.

Increase network and service resiliency

Gather device, system, network, and service performance data in real time with streaming telemetry and active test agents. Analyze the data using a library of algorithms, including machine learning (ML) algorithms for predictive analysis, to obtain actionable insights on network and service performance. Use these insights to feed dashboards, trigger alerts, and drive closed-loop workflows for remedial action in a make-before-break fashion.

Juniper’s active test agents, streaming telemetry, and powerful analytics solutions can pinpoint even the most difficult network issues, including insidious gray failures. Our solutions enable you to deliver outstanding user experiences all the time.

Conduct active service verification

Automate turn-up testing by verifying your network’s ability to support services before deployment. Immediately upon deployment, validate that services are performing per service-level objective (SLO) commitments. Monitor service performance across the life of the services. And resolve issues before your customers find them to deliver a best-in-class service experience.

Non-intrusive, active test agents provide service quality metrics across the connection layer application layer, and everything in between. With Paragon Automation, end-user experience is accurately measured by running synthetic transactions across the data plane.

Plan, monitor, and control traffic

Our automated transport management solutions give you the power to monitor and more efficiently control how traffic is routed across your network so you can make changes in real time. Our planning solution provides you with a topological view of your network, enabling you to make offline changes and run a variety of scenario tests without impacting your live network.

Juniper’s planning and transport solutions are key to helping you deliver network services that require traffic engineering capabilities beyond what standard routing protocols can provide.

Simplify deployment

Paragon Automation is cloud-ready, providing flexible deployment options across private data centers, private clouds, and public clouds. As a cloud-native solution, Paragon Automation node clusters can be distributed across one or multiple data centers for a highly available, redundant, scale-out architecture with the ability to meet your growing business needs.

It’s critical for automation solutions to be open and extensible, yet many aren’t. Our open, standard APIs provide for multivendor interoperability, and enable our automation solutions to be optimized, customized, and fully integrated into your environment.

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