Day One

Get Up and Running with Junos

Review and register your product.
  • Has your order arrived?
    Check your order status.

    If you haven’t received your purchase yet, you can find out where it is using the Order Status Tool. Search for your order by your company name, sales order number, or purchase order number.

    This tool is open to anyone who purchased directly from Juniper such as a partner or distributor.

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    Order Status Tool

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    What did you buy?

  • What did you buy?
    Verify your purchase.

    If you want to verify which products, software features, and contracts your company has purchased, you can check the Products tabs in MyJuniper. There might be features that correspond to licenses you’ll need to activate during setup.

    For information about the services your company has purchased, check the Contracts tab in MyJuniper. You can also find detailed information about Juniper services in the Customer Care User Guide and JTAC User Guide.

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    Customer Care User Guide
    JTAC User Guide

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    Where’s your hardware located?

  • Where’s your hardware located?
    Register your hardware’s new location.

    Have you moved your Juniper device from its registered location? If so, you’ll need to register your product in its new location using the Update Install Base Tool. (Juniper auto-registers devices based on the location provided by the person who purchased the product.)

    Keeping your registration up to date helps us keep our depots stocked with the right parts to support you.

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    Update Install Base Tool
    Update Install Base FAQ

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    Have you installed your Juniper device?