Day One

Get Up and Running with Advanced Security Services

Download security components

To make the most of your advanced security services, you need to download and install the appropriate security package, database, or engine from Juniper’s servers. These downloadable components work with your advanced security software to help keep your network secure:

  • AppSecure: Download and install the predefined application signature package. The signature package is a dynamically loadable module hosted on an external server. This package provides application classification functionality and associated protocol attributes.
  • IDP: Download and install the IDP signature database. The signature databases are available as a security package on the Juniper Networks website. This database includes attack object and attack object groups that you can use in IDP policies to match traffic against known attacks.
  • UTM (On-Device Antivirus): Download and install the antivirus scan engine. The on-device antivirus scan engine provides a full file-based antivirus scanning function, scanning data by accessing the virus pattern database.
  • UTM (Sophos Antivirus): No engine download required, just nightly file updates. The Sophos antivirus scanner uses a local internal cache to maintain query responses from the external list server to improve lookup performance. The Sophos antivirus scanning is offered as a less CPU-intensive alternative to the full file-based antivirus feature.

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Set up AppSecure