About Juniper

Fraudulent Spam Alert

Juniper has recently learned that spam email messages are being sent to certain Earthlink email accounts which, if the recipient clicks on one of the unsubscribe links, may falsely give the impression of originating from or relating to Juniper Networks or one its business partners.

We take this spam incident seriously and our investigation is ongoing. Juniper recommends that recipients of these emails, which advertise products unrelated to Juniper’s computer networking and security products, treat them as potential phishing attempts. Do not click on any URL links embedded in the spam email, including the unsubscribe links, which fraudulently identify Juniper as the source.

In the event that you receive a suspected fraudulent spam email that appears to come from Juniper, please help us in our investigation by sending it to abuse@juniper.net for further analysis. Note that this alias is used for internal analysis only, so senders of email to the alias should not anticipate a reply.