Wi-Fi 6 Is so 2019

Despite the hype around Wi-Fi 6, there are far more important overlooked factors that contribute to high-performing Wi-Fi. In 2020, let’s focus on boosting your network, whether it’s 802.11ax, ac, or even 802.11n.

In this Mist webinar, Jussi “the Wi-Fi Janitor” Kiviniemi teams up with Keith “the Wi-Fi Godfather” Parsons and Joel "the Wi-Fi Potato" Crane to share the tribal knowledge that makes modern and legacy Wi-Fi networks perform a whopping 82.7%* better. Seriously, we promise you'll discover what's truly needed for authentic Wi-Fi assurance.

6 Things More Important Than Wi-Fi 6
March 12, 2020
2 pm SGT / 11:30 pm IST

Join us, or continue to endure long latency, terrible jitter, and unpleasant support calls.

* Percentage has nothing to do with reality. Jussi totally made it up.

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