The State of Network Automation Report (SoNAR)

The 2020 SoNAR survey is now closed.

The response period for State of Network Automation Report (SoNAR), a research project conducted by Juniper EngNet and open to all networking and security professionals globally, is now complete.

Watch for the 2020 SoNAR report, coming soon.

2019 SoNAR

Discover the impact of automation. The 2019 SoNAR, sponsored by Juniper EngNet, reveals how today’s use of automation affects engineers, NetOps teams, and business.

Last year we surveyed 400 networking and security professionals in diverse industries, examining an array of factors: automation maturity, adoption, motivations, benefits, cultural behaviors, challenges, NetOps practices, and tooling.

Among the survey findings, the SoNAR results illustrate how network automation tools and behavior affect NetOps, correlating automation with business performance, IT outcomes, and success factors for team and individual work.

Download the 2019 report