Now Is the Time to Re-architect Your Enterprise Network

Nemertes Research discusses crucial new design criteria.

Enterprises are already virtualizing their data centers and moving their business into the cloud. This move leaves many companies wondering how they can make the entire infrastructure as agile and cost-effective as their cloud services—without sacrificing security.

Nemertes Research has published an insightful paper outlining the value of re-architecting your enterprise network and security infrastructure. Now is the time to update your network to meet a new generation of demands, driven by cloud, mobility, bandwidth-hungry apps, and advanced security threats.

Learn about the four critical design goals for a cloud-enabled enterprise campus network:

  • Lowered operational costs
  • Improved agility and flexibility
  • Scalability and capacity
  • Embedded security

Nemertes offers actionable research and recommendations on how achieve those goals, using design principles that minimize complexity, enable automation, and enhance security, while harnessing the power of virtualization and integrating into a technology ecosystem.

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