What to Do When a Network Refresh Is Inevitable

What happens when a key network platform reaches end of life or service, with no direct replacement? This is the perfect opportunity to take a fresh look at your current and future data center needs.

  • Is the purpose for which you acquired the product still relevant?
  • Has your surrounding data center environment changed?
  • What about your workforce? How will it evolve to support the shifts in your data center architecture, and how will your next vendor help with the transition?

In this webinar, industry veterans discuss what you should consider when looking beyond an end-of-life or service event.


  • Mike Fratto, Senior Analyst, 451 Research
  • Phil O'Reilly, VP Sales, Juniper Networks
  • Mike Bushong, VP Product Management, Juniper Networks

Join us and let our speakers inform your plans for building a data center network that will fuel a decade or more of growth.

Watch the webinar