Reinvent Your Service Delivery with Cloud-Based Speed, Agility, and Automation

Imagine that you’re delivering new services to your enterprise customers in a few days, not months.

You’re accelerating time to revenue and reducing your operational costs. Speed, agility, and automation are the hallmarks of your service delivery.

Don’t imagine. It’s all within your reach through cloud-based virtualized managed services.

In a new on-demand webinar, we explore the service drivers, platform requirements, and best practices that fuel successful virtualized managed services delivery. You’ll hear from:

  • Wayne Cheung, Director, Product Marketing, SDN and NFV, Juniper.
  • Charlie Arteaga, Leader, IBM GTS Industry Services.
  • Jim Hodges, Principal Analyst, Cloud and Security, Heavy Reading.

We’ll help you learn how to deploy, manage, and sell managed services to accelerate your revenue growth and reduce OpEx. For immediate access to the webinar, fill out our brief form.

Watch the webinar