Because everywhere data goes, threats follow.

We all know that our networks used to consist of separate silos and tiers for data, applications, and services. And that our networks today are far less tiered and the operations far less segmented. With service-oriented network architecture and virtualization now the rule, our traffic flows are far more complicated. Which means the security threats are, too.

With a service-based infrastructure demanding a combination of external and internal branch and cloud capabilities, the entry points for risks have grown exponentially. Data no longer just travels north to south; it goes east-west and everywhere in between. So you have more data from more places that requires a new level of security.

This webinar, Top Strategies for Securing App Infrastructure in the Data Center and Cloud, illustrates our current realm of threats and provides some strategies for addressing the risks of a rapidly evolving network.

We are joined by Anupam Barua, senior manager for product marketing at Juniper Networks, and John Burke, principal research analyst and CIO of Nemertes Research. They discuss the challenges of protecting the enterprise data center and provide recommendations on how to meet increasingly complex security needs, such as considering a hybrid approach incorporating host-based, virtual, physical, and cloud protections.

Join us now for Top Strategies for Securing App Infrastructure in the Data Center and Cloud.

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John Burke

Principal Research Analyst

Nemertes Research

Anne Taylor

Contributing Editor

IDG Strategic Marketing Services