The Role of the Network on the Way to the Cloud

As part of the FedScoop Government Technology Webinar series, Juniper Networks recently met with two government executives. In this video they discuss their agency experiences and the insights they gained when introducing the cloud into their enterprise computing environments. This includes how to:

  • Evaluate legacy network capabilities to determine if they can adequately support cloud environments
  • Design flexible network architectures, location independent network services, and automated provisioning for long-term success
  • Launch a “total network assessment” to meet immediate and future mission requirements
  • Implement models that provide flexible bandwidth that can adjust to changing demand
  • Link the end user experience with accelerated cloud adoption and IT transformation

Our speakers will also share the challenges they faced while migrating legacy applications, especially mission-essential functions not designed for cloud environments. We’ll wrap up with some best practices when moving to the cloud, including: discussion of connectivity, quality of service, security, cost, keeping network architecture simple, and leveraging powerful automation tools.

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Host: Wyatt Kash

Vice President, Content Strategy


Andy Ingram

Vice President, Center of Excellence

Juniper Networks

Richard McKinney

Chief Information Officer

U.S. Department of Transportation

Tony Summerlin

Senior Strategic Advisor, Office of the CIO

Federal Communications Commission