Protecting Users from Outside and Inside Threats in Multi-site Environments

As if security threats weren’t already complex enough, throw in a cloud-enabled campus and things become even more challenging. Through expanded BYOD policies and access, networks are exposed to dozens of cloud-based applications required to run your business or organization.

This means that people could be infecting your network with malware, botnets, and more without you ever knowing it. Now it’s much easier for attackers to set loose a whole host of security threats.

To help you create a more secure network, Juniper created this summary proposal outlining security challenges, with an emphasis on the cloud-enabled campus. It also contains brief descriptions of their new security vision and campus security solution and portfolio.

You’re about to find out how to:

  • Gain end-to-end visibility of the threats to your campus network.
  • Neutralize the dynamic new threats that are popping up due to BYOD expansion.
  • Fight malicious and persistent malware from mobile devices.
  • Migrate from perimeter to pervasive security.

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