Connect Your Distributed Amazon Virtual Private Clouds, Simply and Securely

If you have geographically dispersed Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), you know that a manual process to transfer data between VPCs complicates network operations and hinders your agility.

Our vSRX Virtual Firewall Transit VPC solution enables seamless data flow between VPCs, along with next-generation firewall capabilities, dynamic routing, and secure connectivity.

This on-demand webinar features engineers from AWS and CBT Nuggets, a provider of interactive learning for IT professionals. They describe how the Transit VPC solution simplified CBT Nuggets’ AWS deployments through automation. By adopting our solution, CBT Nuggets saw these results:

  • Quick and secure data transfer between distributed Amazon VPCs, and also between its on-premises and AWS environments.
  • Simplified network management, increased developer productivity, and improved data flow efficiency

Let us show you how you can connect your geographically dispersed VPCs to enable seamless, fast, and secure data transfer. For immediate access to the webinar, fill out our brief form.

Watch the webinar