AIOps Webinar Series

Today’s IT infrastructures are expanding to support IoT, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and remote work scenarios. To manage this ever-growing complexity, IT operations teams are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help solve their networking concerns.

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Webinar 1: AIOps Best Practices: A Leadership Perspective

First we’d like to share our AIOps best practices with you, to help operations teams of any size architect a network that delivers real AI.

  • Meet the challenges of today’s networks from Juniper, an industry leader
  • Differentiate between AIOps solutions and understand key selection criteria
  • Accelerate time to resolution by consolidating and analyzing data from multiple sources


Webinar 2: Deliver Remarkable User Experiences with Conversational AI

Next, see how Marvis, our Conversational AI Assistant, can become an extension of your IT team by:

  • Providing real-time insights and simplified troubleshooting at the client, device, and site levels to help boost service quality
  • Proactively correcting issues in real-time, predicting problems before they occur, and solving trouble tickets
  • Streamlining operations and optimizing user experiences from client-to-cloud


Webinar 3: Designing an AI-driven Campus Fabric

Finally, we walk through how to design an efficient and scalable AI-driven campus fabric. Our experts cover the different options available for interconnecting campus environments. You’ll find out how Juniper’s standards-based EVPN-VXLAN solution offers:

  • Greater network efficiency with support for multipath traffic to active/active dual-homed access layer switches
  • Flexibility by enabling L2 stretch and micro- and macrosegmentation with group-based policies (GBPs)
  • Scalable BGP-based control plane by allowing seamless expansion of core, aggregation, and access layers as business needs grow
  • Security with network microsegmentation using GBP that leverages the underlying VXLAN technology