New Ponemon Research:
The Importance of
Automation to Cybersecurity

Learn why it’s critical to:

  • Use automation to improve your security posture.
  • Identify frontline security processes for automation.
  • Overcome the barriers to adopting security automation.
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Industry Insights

Read about the dynamic cybersecurity landscape and how companies are refining their security strategies.

Unified Cybersecurity That’s Automated, Adaptive, and Simplified

Rapidly adapt your security posture to defend your business.

Best-of-breed security doesn’t always reduce the risk of a breach. Multiple standalone products, combined with the move to multicloud, can create operational complexity that leads to gaps in your defense. You need a better approach to cybersecurity that:

  • Streamlines your security operations and speeds time to detection.
  • Mitigates sophisticated threats dynamically.
  • Enforces consistent security across your network and the cloud.
  • Minimizes vendor sprawl.

We’ve engineered a unified cybersecurity platform that does all of these things. It’s open for integration and fueled by automation, so you can run your business with higher confidence.

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Customer Case Study

Learn how we’re helping organizations make managed security a part of their culture.

The Marine Institute in Ireland collects and processes massive amounts of environmental data through vessel surveys, remote sensors, and a large subsea observatory. It needed to protect sensitive data and provide secure, granular access to a variety of users.

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We’ve been able to ensure the security of our network, users, and devices wherever they are—even under the ocean.
—Keith Manson, IT Systems and Operations Manager, The Marine Institute

How We Put It Together

SRX Series Firewall

High-performance network security with advanced integrated threat intelligence, delivered on the industry’s most scalable and resilient platform.

Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Prevention

Cloud-based advanced malware defense.


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