NXTWORK 2017 — That’s a wrap!

December 11–13, 2017 in San Francisco, California

What does the future of networking hold?

Machine learning? It’s here. IoT? Here. Automation? Here, too. Big data? Digital Cohesion? Security? Yes, they’re all here, too.

At NXTWORK 2017 in San Francisco, we delivered two and a half days of innovation and education for managers and engineers alike. Demonstrations and conversations. Motivation and inspiration. And we unveiled our unique vision for making your network and operations faster, more agile, and more effective than ever before—whatever the future holds.

Engineering. Simplicity.

See you at NXTWORK 2018!

Day 1 Snapshot

As CEO Rami Rahim declared war on complexity, we unveiled new security enhancements designed to simplify operations. OpenContrail governance is now moving to the Linux Foundation, and the utilities sector will soon be taking a spin in the Self-Driving Network.

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Day 2 Snapshot

NXTWORK was abuzz with talk of what simplicity looks like for your business. Foremost in those conversations was the just-announced Contrail Enterprise Multicloud. Engineering VP Sumeet Singh demo’d cloud simplicity with AppFormix, and other execs fielded a lively Q&A.

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