Full Network Agility Unleashed

Build a predictive and flexible network to address diverse demands.

The rise of digitization and personalized cloud services has created both opportunities and challenges. Network traffic continues to grow exponentially, as do complexities in storage, networking, and computing. Meanwhile, companies struggle to keep up with end-user demand for new applications and services.

Cloud-Grade Networking™

Cloud-Grade Networking™ helps you successfully meet these challenges while curbing costs and preserving the use of existing assets. Cloud-Grade Networking bolsters your company’s ability to inject home-grown intellectual property as a competitive advantage—and that maximizes your agility. Combining carrier-grade reach and reliability with enterprise-grade control and usability, Cloud-Grade Networking introduces a new set of principles for the way applications and services are architected, managed, delivered, and secured.

For example, Cloud-Grade Networking introduces new hardware, orchestration, and automation capabilities to deliver traditional and personalized services while reducing costs and complexity securely with the Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN) solution.

The Junos OS now supports multiple independent, concurrent slices of Junos on the same physical router. Called Junos Node Slicing, the feature enables operators to run multiple services in separate, isolated administrative domains. The setup reduces the operational complexity of managing end users’ diverse application needs by as much as 60 percent.

Additionally, Juniper’s new Universal Chassis decouples the different instances of routing line cards for the data center, WAN core, and network edge from a bespoke chassis design. Universal Chassis gives operators the opportunity for unified procurement, deployment and operations across multiple use-cases. This setup can reduce platform qualification by 50 percent through the elimination of multiple platform certification cycles across the network.

And Juniper’s vision of the Self-Driving Network™ delivers telemetry, workflow automation, DevOps, and machine learning to create an infrastructure that is responsive, adaptive, and ultimately predictive. It’s combined with two new Professional Services offerings and enhancements to the NorthStar Controller.

Networking needs to be as agile as the rest of IT to unlock real business innovation. Cloud-Grade Networking helps get you there.

Everywhere Networking

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The Self-Driving Network™

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Software-Defined Secure Network

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Platform First

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