Wolt Disrupts Dining Across Europe, Powered by Mist Wi‑Fi

Sitting at home hungry? In 22 countries around Europe and Asia, you can pop open the Wolt app—and get exactly what you’re in the mood for—pizza, sushi, or a perfectly done steak. It’s a magical experience when a courier in a blue shirt arrives at your door in less than 30 minutes. The food delivery platform Wolt deployed the Mist Platform to ensure a great Wi-Fi for its new headquarters in Helsinki.


Company Wolt
Industry Technology
Products used Cloud Services
Region EMEA
Wolt Image
“Mist guided me to where I needed to go, and the problem was solved.”
Tuomas Arvo IT Lead, Wolt

Business Challenge

Wolt deployed Mist in less than an hour. Developers, marketers, and recruitment teams stay focused, and complaints have disappeared. With the scalable Mist WLAN platform, Wolt can deliver the best wireless experience to its workers, today and as the company expands across Europe and beyond.