Case Study

Simplifying Campus Network Operations with Unified Switch Management

Juniper configures and manages hundreds of campus switches from a single interface, thanks to Junos Fusion Enterprise.

“The design of Junos Fusion Enterprise inherently simplifies network operations.”

Tony Tran, IT Network Architect, Juniper Networks


As a global maker of networking products running a digital workplace, Juniper saw its campus networks growing increasingly complex. When it ended up managing hundreds of switches individually at major locations, Juniper knew it was time for improvement using Junos Fusion Enterprise.

Business Challenge

Juniper’s campus networks support a broad mix of devices and applications. It had simplified operations a few years back with its own Virtual Chassis configuration, but increasing complexity and growth called for additional measures to help scale management, improve performance, and reduce operations costs.

Technology Solution

Juniper’s IT engineering, product engineering, and key technology leaders collaborated to design a new campus architecture based on the Junos Fusion Enterprise solution. The technology simplifies network topologies and administration because an aggregation switch interconnected to well over a hundred satellite switches appears to the network as a single device that's manageable using a single IP address.

Business Results

The solution has removed the burden of managing hundreds of standalone switches. Network operators configure and deploy an aggregate device, and connected satellite devices configure themselves automatically. It’s now easier to distribute and enforce network policies campus-wide, and Juniper doesn’t need to worry about whether a switch is up to date.

“With Junos Fusion, our network is easier to manage, and that frees up time to focus on delivering a better user experience instead of fighting fires.”

Tony Tran, IT Network Architect, Juniper Networks

How we put it together

Software enabling a large number of devices deployed throughout a building to be managed as a single, logical device.

High-performance carrier-class Ethernet switches for converged enterprise branch offices, campuses, and data centers, and for service provider deployments.