Case Study

Smarter records. Healthier patients.

Jan Yperman Hospital needed a solution that would provide a high-performance wired and wireless network and scale for future requirements without requiring high operational overhead.

“I am convinced that our new network provides an answer to the big data challenges in Healthcare IT. Costs will also be reduced in the long term, and we will have the necessary flexibility to rapidly expand our capacity thanks to our new network technology.”

Francky Deleu, IT Manager, Jan Yperman Hospital


Jan Yperman Hospital is a 500-bed regional hospital in Belgium that employs 120 doctors and a workforce of over 1,000 employees. The hospital offers a wide range of medical services, including high-quality multidisciplinary medicine with specialist care.

Business Challenge

Over recent years, the hospital has experienced an explosive growth in the amount of data it needs to access and process. Information needs to be shared around the hospital and also with General Practitioners, so links have to be established between several systems simultaneously.

Business Solution

Jan Yperman Hospital selected Juniper Networks QFX3000-G QFabric™ System as its new platform for its high-performance data center, giving it the potential to scale to more than 6,000 10GbE ports on a single switch. The scale of the switching fabric has enabled all servers and storage to be interconnected by a single network hop, significantly reducing application latency.

Business Results

Since deploying the QFabric System, network performance at the hospital has increased by more than 60%, along with increased network availability so that medical personnel now have virtually instantaneous access to the applications and records they need. The new network infrastructure has had significant advantages for the hospital, its staff, and its patients.

“We are already seeing the advantages of this new system—we are working faster and better than ever before.”

Doctor Dieter Van Der Linden, Orthopedic Surgeon, Jan Yperman Hospital

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