Case Study

A smart solution for a growing university.

Goethe University’s recent move to a larger campus included an opportunity to redesign its data center, and it could move from a traditional hierarchical network architecture to a flat fabric topology at the same time.

“This was a big move for us and we had to be sure to get it right.”

Dr. Hansjörg Ast, Deputy Head of Computing Center, Goethe University


Goethe University’s computing center supports 41,000 students and 4,500 staff, and it has experienced a constant increase in the volume of data it needs to process and manage, driven primarily by the growth of the digital content that is increasingly popular in the student population.

Business Challenge

The challenge was to introduce a high-performance, secure, and scalable, data center network that could support growth in students and digital data, protect existing network investments, provide redundancy, and reduce operational errors.

Business Solution

Following a comprehensive testing process, Goethe University selected Juniper Networks QFabric System for its device conversion capability, unparalleled scalability, 10GbE performance, and the ease of data management.

“Thanks to QFabric technology, we have a high intrinsic redundancy and can guarantee high service availability,” said Dr. Hansjörg Ast, the Deputy Head of the Computing Center at Goethe University.

Business Results

QFabric System has significantly increased redundancy and service availability, enabled the reuse of network equipment within the fabric topology, achieved constant high quality of service, and reduced errors by eliminating complexity.

“QFabric System offers us a clear growth path, which means we won’t reach any limits in the foreseeable future. It offers a well-designed network with its protocols and devices,” said Dr. Hansjörg Ast.

How we put it together

The industry’s most scalable fabric Ethernet switching solution that accelerates performance and simplifies the data center architecture with any-to-any connectivity.

High-performance, low-latency edge devices for top-of-rack or end-of-row installations that can also be deployed as edge nodes in a QFabric System.

Junos OS integrates network routing, switching, security, and network operating services in a single operating system to reduce the complexity of a network.