Day One: Junos Tips, Techniques, and Templates 2011

This book is part of the Day One Fundamentals Series, a growing library of network fundamentals that welcome engineers to the Junos OS and Juniper Networks.

From its inception over a decade ago, the Junos operating system has had the network operator in mind. Yet many operators use the CLI without appreciating the cool enhancements that have been made and refined over the years. It’s a feature list that is forever growing and that ultimately makes operations easier, networks faster, and the bottom line more efficient.

Juniper Networks Books and J-Net joined forces and went to the Junos user community and asked them for their best and brightest Junos tips and techniques. Then it commissioned three expert Junos engineers to act as the selection committee and add color commentary. The result, published here for the first time, is not only a fantastic collection of Junos solutions, but expert annotation and commentary that provides helpful advice on when and how to deploy those solutions.

“This book is a treasure chest of information for the Junos newbie and greybeard alike!”
- David Ward, Juniper Fellow

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About the Author(s)

This book was created via a selection process that reviewed over 300 submitted tips by over 100 individuals on the J-Net community boards at