AppFormix for OpenStack and Private Clouds

Enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Juniper Networks AppFormix puts the power of a self-driving infrastructure at the core of OpenStack clouds.

Today’s software-defined cloud is built for workloads that are dynamic and highly elastic. So the cloud must adapt quickly, adjusting to the demands of DevOps-driven organizations. To accomplish that, it needs performance intelligence that anticipates and prevents risks while satisfying growing demands, all in real time.

The AppFormix cloud service optimization platform has those qualities. It redefines state-of-the-art telemetry and management across the cloud and delivers real-time and historic monitoring, performance visibility, and dynamic optimization, dramatically improving cloud operations. This enables our customers to build an intent-driven cloud with OpenStack and Kubernetes.

AppFormix uses an OpenStack adapter, which automatically discovers the OpenStack distribution and architecture so that the cloud services are analyzed and optimized in real time.