Become a Partner

Become a Reseller
  • Overview


    With Partnering for Business Growth, Juniper Networks is enhancing the partner experience by evolving our award winning partner programs for ease of use, focusing our investments on high growth markets for revenue acceleration, and rewarding partners with improved profitability for growing their business with Juniper.

  • How to Qualify

    To qualify as a Partner Reseller, your business must provide the following:

    Item Description
    Sales Model
    • Have outbound sales representatives
    • Practice a face-to-face selling model
    Pre-Sales Support
    • Provide end users with pre-sales support
    • Provide end users with networking design, configuration, and troubleshooting
    Services and Support
    • Resell Juniper Networks branded services and earn a commission
    • Offer standard installation and configuration services, directly
    • Handle all aspects of the support contract renewal with the end user
    Complementary Products
    • Sell complementary products and services
    • Derive a significant portion of your overall revenue from sales of complementary products to end users

    A business will not meet the Partner Reseller Program requirements for added value if any of the following is true:

    • The business does not meet the above criteria.
    • The business provides only telesales, any catalog sales, or sales over the Internet.
    • The business only provides financing options or sales over auction websites on the Internet.

    All Partners must comply with the Juniper Partner Code of Conduct.

  • Apply

    To start the process to become a Partner Reseller, your business must complete the following:

    Please note that there may be a delay in processing due to application maintenance. Contact Customer Care for questions.