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Intelligent Open Networking Can Drive Business Transformation, EMEA IT Leaders Believe

Despite Security and Skills Concerns, CIOs Should Champion Openness as Way Forward

London – September 29, 2016Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, today announced new market research which suggests that IT leaders in the region clearly understand the increasing pressure that networks are under to enable digital transformation, and that they see the adoption of open networking as the answer to the challenges this creates. It further indicates they believe CIOs and cross-functional strategy teams have an opportunity to ‘champion’ open networking as the response to C-level leadership demands for IT to deliver business transformation and commercial success. Juniper commissioned the research to explore the attitudes of senior network professionals across Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) towards open networking adoption and its potential to drive business value.

The research also underlines senior IT leaders’ concerns about adopting open networking, despite the advantages they believe it brings. These concerns centre around effective security measures in an open environment, the skills gap in operating software-driven, automated networks, and the challenges around successfully integrating legacy architecture. To mitigate these concerns, as SDN/NFV technologies are adopted to create open networking environments, IT leaders are looking for increased levels of training for senior IT management, technology maturation, greater adoption of industry standards and strong technology partners.

News Highlights:

  • 82 percent of respondents clearly identify with the situation where business needs are placing evolving demands on its network and creating new challenges for the IT function.
  • 93 percent declared their organisation to be reliant on flexible, innovative IT network infrastructure to drive business performance in today’s competitive environment.
  • 66 percent stated that their network is now measured on its effectiveness and ability to respond to a range of business needs, rather than merely its capacity and performance.
  • 50 percent believe that the CIO is ideally positioned to champion open networking to the business, while 29 percent believe that this can be achieved by cross-function strategy teams.
  • There is a resounding enthusiasm for open networking, with 83 percent of respondents expressing support for such initiatives. Even among those not currently supportive, 68 percent stated their organisations are likely to become positive towards open networking in the next 36 months. 78 percent also believed that open networking represents a more flexible approach to IT that will benefit their business goals.
  • 43 percent nominated security and compliance concerns as their biggest barrier to open networking adoption, with 34 percent also being concerned about the skills gap, and 32 percent citing the challenges of legacy integration as another significant barrier.
  • 53 percent believed increased training for senior IT staff around SDN/NFV can help reduce perceived security risks, 47 percent cited maturation of the technology as a factor in risk reduction, 45 percent were looking for wider industry standards adoption, and 38 percent believed working with a trusted technology partner is a significant success factor.

The research, conducted on Juniper’s behalf by Loudhouse Research* during August 2016, surveyed 800 senior IT decision makers in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the U.A.E and the U.K. Organisations surveyed range from 1,000 to 5,000+ employees. Various vertical sectors are represented across all eight countries surveyed, including public services and government, healthcare, retail and distribution, media and broadcast, utilities, manufacturing and construction, transportation, and logistics.

Supporting Quotes:

“IDC research shows that we are in the middle of a transition that takes place every 20-25 years; this shift from client-server computing to the “Third Platform” based on cloud, mobility, big data and social will be fundamental in driving digital transformation. Companies that do not have the right network technologies in place and do not innovate will be left out of the digital game, in which IT is the business and the business is IT. Networking is one of the few areas of a contemporary ICT environment where tight coupling of operating system and hardware is undisputedly mainstream. To achieve a transition to the Third Platform, enterprise networking will have to embrace openness – not for the sake of being open, but to be able to realize the benefits of innovation and advanced architectures that enable changing the role of networks – from providing connectivity across the enterprise, to supporting business goals. By becoming more open, networks will benefit from increased pace of innovation required in this new era.”

Chris Barnard, vice president, European Telecoms & Networking at IDC

“The advance of mega-trends, such as cloud, IoT, big data and mobile workforces driving digital transformation, means the network can no longer be judged by capacity and performance alone, nor dismissed as ‘just plumbing’. Instead, infrastructure capable of delivering real business advantage must be put in place by organisations if they are to survive the digital disruption that otherwise lies behind the trends. Juniper believes that intelligent open networking – including software-defined security, automation, collaborative innovation and true interoperability – is IT’s strategic answer to business demands for transformation and long-term success, and this research suggests IT leaders across EMEA concur.”

Gerard Allison, senior vice president EMEA at Juniper Networks

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*Loudhouse Research

Loudhouse is an independent B2B research agency head-quartered in the UK. As a consultancy, Loudhouse specialises in the identification and understanding of technology and innovation trends in the business environment. It works with global technology brands as well as services and third sector organisations on a regular basis to help them develop leadership positions in their respective marketplaces at a regional and international level.

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