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Ankeena Networks Delivers Comprehensive, Extensible Support for 3-screen Media Distribution and Rich Content Delivery

Ankeena Media Flow Director™ 2.0 Serves as Platform, Supporting All Media Formats and Delivery Protocols

SANTA CLARA, Calif., November 17, 2009 - Ankeena Networks, a leading provider of new media infrastructure solutions, today extended the company's Internet media delivery solution with the launch of Ankeena Media Flow Director™ (MFD) 2.0. The enhanced solution will enable service providers, content delivery networks and content owners to leverage their existing networking infrastructure to deliver media and rich content to televisions, PCs and mobile devices, regardless of media format or delivery protocol. This significantly lowers content delivery costs and streamlines network management while providing a smooth TV-like viewing experience.

"Both content and service providers share a need to monetize content-particularly video-and that requires three things. First, you have to optimize video caching for delivery performance no matter how few or many times a video might be viewed. Second, you need to deliver the best QoE that the underlying network connection offers. Finally, you must optimize the linkage between content delivery behavior and network behavior where that network connection can be managed," said Tom Nolle, founder and president of CIMI Corporation. "Ankeena does all these things. Best of all, these capabilities are available for three-screen delivery. This combination of capabilities makes them a unique player in a market that is absolutely critical for the future of the Internet and to the future of telco NGNs."

MFD 2.0 redefines the new media delivery infrastructure with a small-footprint, software appliance that enhances and streamlines the existing network infrastructure. By leveraging Ankeena MFD 2.0, providers can meet the quality of experience (QoE) demands of customers, achieve consistent and reliable media delivery and lower delivery costs, together allowing them to increase the value proposition of their new media offerings. The Ankeena MFD solution can support all forms of Internet media including adaptive, on-demand and live; specifically providing HTTP-based adaptive streaming technologies to support Move Networks adaptive Streaming, Apple's HTTP Streaming and Microsoft SmoothStreaming. In addition, Ankeena MFD solution can function as a platform to support extended functionality such as third party media servers and load balancers to provide a comprehensive delivery solution.

"Online video is becoming a major part of our business plan and is a top priority for customers when using our services," said Bernardo González, Director of Technology, Televisa Interactive Media. "We believe Ankeena's Media Flow Director can provide us with a new media infrastructure capable of delivering the best possible user experience while minimizing cost as we expand our services throughout Latin America."

"Juniper is excited to partner with Ankeena for a high-capacity media delivery solution with a consistent television-like viewing experience" said Manoj Leelanivas, senior vice president and general manager, Edge and Aggregation Business Unit at Juniper Networks. "The combination of Ankeena's new media infrastructure solution with Juniper's high-performance network infrastructure platforms will help our customers optimize their network for online media delivery with assured service quality and reliability."

New Features of Ankeena Media Flow Director 2.0

MFD 2.0 is a purpose-built software appliance that utilizes deep media intelligence, storage organization and multi-tier caching to scale media throughput and improve user experience. The Ankeena MFD can be run on standard 64-bit x86 servers and delivery mixed-media content using multiple protocols such as HTTP, RTSP and RTMP and also supports both live and on-demand streaming. Additionally, Media Flow Director supports multi-tenancy, various caching policies and multiple ways of populating and purging content. The Ankeena Media Flow Director can be flexibly deployed in origin, edge or mid-tier locations to improve users' online experience and to reduce the infrastructure delivery costs.

  • Rich Content Delivery - Supports delivery of all content (static objects, small, medium and large objects, media objects)
  • Adaptive Streaming - Supports all different adaptive streaming technologies including Move, iPhone and Silverlight Adaptive Streaming, Adobe Dynamic Streaming and Ankeena SmoothFlow
  • On-demand Streaming - Supports On-demand Streaming using RTSP/RTP, RTMP and RTMP.E
  • Live Streaming - Supports Live Streaming using all protocols
  • Transparent Proxy - Helps optimize ISP networks transparently
  • Adobe FMS Connector - Used as a platform to host Adobe Flash Media Server (FMS)
  • Extended Cache Capacity - Can be extended to cache more content. MFD linearly scales within extra cache capacity thus enabling every instance of MFD to be able to support a large working set.

"The rapid growth in online and cross-platform video has substantially increased revenue opportunities for online media publishers, being played out across an expanding universe of content verticals," said Paul Palumbo, Research Director of AccuStream Research. "Video application service providers are bringing to market scalable, cost-effective high-quality video delivery platforms feeding a multi-screen media enrichment chain, and likewise experiencing very strong account acquisition growth and service adoption."

"Media Flow Director 2.0 exceeds existing solutions in the market and strengthens Ankeena's corporate mission of driving the convergence between traditional entertainment mediums and the Internet," said Rajan Raghavan, co-founder, President and CEO of Ankeena Networks. "This new product extends Ankeena's reach into new industry segments and will enable the easiest deployment for service providers to support all their current and growing Internet media delivery needs."

About Ankeena Networks

Ankeena Networks is a leading provider of new media infrastructure solutions. Ankeena's innovative Media Flow Director powers 3-screen delivery of live and on-demand rich media content, and also serves as a platform to integrate comprehensive solutions. Ankeena's solutions deliver online content at a massive scale while providing a television-like viewing experience for media and dramatically lowering delivery costs. The company offers purpose-built software appliances that combine deep media intelligence and open architecture to provide complete flexibility to providers. The solution is fully interoperable with industry standard media players and other infrastructure elements. By leveraging Ankeena's solution, content and service providers can lower delivery costs while increasing profits over time. For an example of Ankeena's solution in action, visit www.ankeena.tv. Ankeena is based in Santa Clara, Calif., and the company's web site can be found at www.ankeena.com.

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Juniper Networks is in the business of network innovation. From devices to data centers, from consumers to cloud providers, Juniper Networks delivers the software, silicon and systems that transform the experience and economics of networking. Additional information can be found at Juniper Networks (www.juniper.net).

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