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Juniper Introduces New 100 Gigabit Physical Interface Card for the T1600 Core Router

New 10x10GbE Physical Interface Card Featured in Multivendor 100Gbps Demonstration at SC09 alongside Industry-First 802.3ba-Compliant 100 Gigabit Ethernet PIC

Portland, Ore., November 16, 2009 - Juniper Networks® (NYSE: JNPR) today introduced a new 10 port, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Physical Interface Card (PIC) for its T1600 Series Core Router, which will enhance the value and flexibility of the T1600. The new 10x10GbE PIC will deliver the highest density of 10GbE interfaces on a core router, as well as unique Intelligent Oversubscription capabilities, enabling customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency. With the new 10x10GbE PIC and the previously announced 100GbE PIC, the T1600 will support multiple options for 100Gbps, providing customers with maximum choice and flexibility for large-scale core networks.

High-capacity 100GbE interfaces and high-density 10GbE interfaces are increasingly required to leverage virtualization to consolidate network architectures, particularly as core routers are increasingly used to aggregate more edge and access network links.

"The combination of this new high-density 10x10GbE PIC, along with the 802.3ba 100GbE PIC earlier announced by Juniper, provides an incredible amount of flexibility and growth to the already impressive T1600," said Chris Robb, Internet2 manager of network operations. "Internet2 is excited about the opportunities these new options add to the T1600 platform as we continue working aggressively to see 100GbE deployed to support advanced science in the U.S."

In conjunction with Internet2, Level 3 and Infinera, the 10x10GbE PIC is being featured in a live, multivendor network demonstration at the SC09 Conference today. Also at SC09, Juniper is demonstrating the 802.3ba compliant 100GbE PIC (announced in June) in its booth 1448. This demonstration is the first instance of a fully featured IP/MPLS router supporting a 100GbE interface, marking another industry first for Juniper's T Series Core Routers.

The high-density, oversubscribed Ethernet interfaces available on the new 10x10GbE PIC can be used to aggregate client-facing access interfaces, or to provide efficient connectivity in and between virtualized routers. This will increase the flexibility of the T1600 and will enable customers to use the router in more diverse deployment scenarios, and to more efficiently leverage virtualization to consolidate edge and core functionality. Support for both 100GbE interfaces and high-density, lower-speed interfaces on a single router will be able to dramatically improve power, space and management efficiency.

The T1600 can support a total of sixteen 10x10GbE PICs per chassis, for a total of 160 10GbE interfaces in a half-rack - more than twice that of the closest competitor. As many as 80 of these interfaces can operate at line-rate speed, or the T1600 can be oversubscribed at a 2:1 ratio.

To ensure proper quality of service in oversubscribed configurations, the new PIC supports Juniper's unique Intelligent Oversubscription functionality. Intelligent Oversubscription can prioritize services based on a variety of user-configurable characteristics to ensure that mission-critical services are protected even in times of congestion. Intelligent Oversubscription enables operators to leverage the efficiency advantages of oversubscription, without the risk of violating service level agreements when traffic peaks.

"Juniper is leading the way to 100 Gigabit Ethernet, and is the only company to announce multiple 100 Gigabit line cards - first the 100GbE PIC introduced in June, and now with the high-density 10GbE PIC we're introducing today," said Stefan Dyckerhoff, senior vice president and general manager, High-End Systems Business Unit, Juniper Networks. "Together these high capacity PICs will further enhance the value of Juniper's core solutions and broaden the range of applications the T Series can support."

General availability of the new 10x10GbE PIC is expected in the first quarter of 2010.

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