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Juniper Networks Launches Universal Edge Routers with Uncompromised "3D Scaling"

MX 3D Products Scale On the Fly Across Bandwidth, Subscribers and Services; Deliver Universal Edge for Business, Residential and Mobile Services

NEW YORK, October 29, 2009 - Juniper Networks® (NYSE: JNPR) today announced new networking systems with revolutionary 3D Scaling technology that helps networks scale dynamically to support more bandwidth, subscribers and services - all at the same time.

Fueled by the Junos® Trio chipset and Junos operating system, the new Juniper's MX 3D products directly address enterprise and service provider needs for more flexible technology and business models, providing them with "universal edge" routing for business, residential and mobile services at massive scale on a single network. The products include new modular line cards, new applications and new metro aggregation routers for Juniper's MX Series. Together, they will offer unprecedented dynamic control, extensive applications and revolutionary economics validated through a commissioned study conducted by an independent third party:

  • Increase ROI over five years by up to 540 percent*;
  • Reduce operating expenses for aggregation services up to 47 percent**;
  • Reduce operating expenses for business services up to 63 percent***;
  • Reduce operating expenses for residential services up to 77 percent****;
  • Improve power efficiency by a factor of 10-to-1 versus other vendors*****.

From a performance standpoint, the new line cards and routers process two to four times more traffic than the competition - up to 2.6 terabits per second - while using half as much power per gigabit.****** For subscribers, this means the flagship MX960 system with 3D Scaling enables fast access to download 8.5 million iTunes in one tenth of a second, 50 Blu-Ray DVDs in less than five seconds, 10 years of Hubble Telescope data in one minute or more than 430,000 HDTV channels simultaneously.*******

"Juniper consistently delivers innovative technologies and solutions that enable service providers to offer a wide range services to their customer base," said Dr. Ray Mota, chief strategist for Synergy ACG. "With today's announcement of its universal edge routers, Juniper takes this approach a step further by providing an offering that is not only compelling from a technical perspective, but also from a financial perspective. This offering allows services providers to extract maximum value from their most strategic asset - their network."

"3D Scaling is one of those rare technology breakthroughs that can change business models," said Kim Perdikou, executive vice president and general manager of Juniper's Infrastructure Products Group. "Our customers no longer have to look into their crystal balls, guess which applications are going to be popular 18 months from now, and hard-code their networks in advance for a finite set of user requirements. Juniper's MX 3D routers give them total flexibility across bandwidth, subscriber and service requirements, allowing them to essentially re-mix the network on the fly to meet changing user demands."

Built for edge and aggregation networks, the new MX 3D products announced today include:

  • New modular line cards based on Junos Trio, which easily plug into new or existing MX routers, providing support for business, residential and mobile edge services that can be turned on dynamically via the Junos operating system. The line cards include:
    • MX 3D Aggregation Line Card: The industry's first 120 Gbps card with highest 10GE density for aggregation, video distribution, data center and edge routing.
    • MX 3D 100GbE Line Card: The industry's only edge routing with line-rate 100GbE performance for edge uplink, inter-data center and high-bandwidth aggregation.
    • MX 3D Aggregation Line Card: The industry's first 120 Gbps card with highest 10GE density for aggregation, video distribution, data center and edge routing.
  • Two new MX80 Series 3D routers: The industry's most powerful 3.5-inch routers (eight times faster than competitors) designed for delivering Carrier Ethernet services for multi-tenant buildings, as well as mobile aggregation, video and enterprise edge deployments.
  • Two new third-party applications being developed on the Junos operating system and Juniper's MX Series: an Active Broadband Networks application for monitoring cable bandwidth and usage to improve cable subscriber experiences; and an Ankeena Networks application for video streaming and caching to enable low-cost, TV-like viewing.

"As a leading nationwide provider of advanced communications and networking solutions for businesses and service providers, the XO network is one of our key differentiators," said Randy Nicklas, chief technology officer at XO Communications. "Juniper's MX Series and Junos software play an important part in this differentiation - enabling us to provide a superior experience for our customers, while ensuring long-term investment protection."

Pricing and Availability

Juniper's MX 3D products are available starting December 2009 and throughout 2010. The MX 3D Aggregation Line Card will be generally available to customers in December 2009, with additional MX 3D products coming throughout 2010.

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*Synergy ACG case study findings, to be published November 2009.

**Synergy ACG case study findings, to be published November 2009.

***Synergy ACG case study findings, to be published November 2009.

****Synergy ACG case study findings, to be published November 2009.

*****Synergy ACG case study findings, to be published November 2009.

******Juniper comparison against competitive products, conducted October 2009. Reflects 2.64 Tbit/s throughput for Juniper's MX960 3D versus 1 Tbit/s and 1.28 Tbit/s for competitors. For power efficiency, reflects 37 Watts per 10GE for Juniper's MX960 3D versus 75 Watts per 10GE and 90 Watts per 10GE for competitors.

*******Juniper engineering estimates based on publicly available file size data.